MiCompanions.com – A Dangerous Place

Ever since I speculated that the Micas might be cooperating with LE by turning over info on the bad guys in hopes of keeping their advertising board running (it IS protected by the 1st amendment) I’ve heard confirming rumors from readers. These are people who don’t like the Mica’s so this may or may not be true. But, it makes sense to me.

On the surface, this isn’t any different than Google turning over your information upon a request from LE without a court order. You agree to this in Google’s terms of service and, as long as you’re not using Google for anything illegal, you’ll probably never be hurt.

It makes good sense for LE to work with the Micas since MiCompanions is one big “honeypot” that attracts the kind of drug dealers, pimps, and human traffickers that LE is trying to arrest. If the Micas, cooperated with LE they would ensure that they’ll be able to continue to run their profit machine without interruption. If the members don’t care that LE is looking over their shoulders, everything works.

In an ironic way, if this were true, you’d all be safer.

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30 thoughts on “MiCompanions.com – A Dangerous Place

  1. abcd says:

    What evidence do you have of this? This wouldn’t surprise me in the least, but there is a big difference between speculation and proof. The reading of PMs by Mrs. Mica should be enough of a deterrent. She is a loose cannon, and I would be surprised if blackmail was beneath her.

  2. 1sid2sid says:

    As with everything on this blog, I have zero first hand knowledge. This particular information was sent to me by someone who clearly has an issue with Mica and his wife. There were some things that appeared credible in the information so I threw it up here for consideration. It’s all gossip and everything I’ve learned about the Mica’s comes from people who dislike them or who have been burned by them. But, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    The Micas may not be bad people or they may be criminals. But, they’re clearly operating in a gray area and they make emotional decisions, play favorites, and only act in their own self interest.

    Are they turning over all of their log files to LE in exchange for being allowed to run the advertising board? I don’t know. But, the entire situation makes me uncomfortable. And, forewarned is forearmed.

    • DontMatter says:

      You will just make anything up won’t you sid?

      Funny how someone knows they met with LE funny thing is it is common knowledge The Micas live on the west coast and have for quite sometime.

      Rumors and lies. For all your malicious rants here you sir or no better.

  3. Mrs H says:

    Looks like some of them so called lies were too true for inclusion on MICRO Complainer and got taken down ? What up with that ?

    LMAO Micas not on the west coast.

    Hell he’s not even on the west side.

    Jay can I get an amen 🙂

    I do wonder how the hell the people at Acenet sleep knowing they have such a piece of shit as a paying customer.

    • 1sid2sid says:

      The comments were deleted because they were adhominim attacks on various hookers with no basis. At minimum, I need some first hand information or a post from somewhere else to let attacks like this stay posted. I don’t delete much, but I’m not comfortable with baseless std accusations.

    • DontMatter says:

      MrsHampton I assure you Mica is on the west coast. Ask Sid why don’t ya! Sid knows a lot about Mica and speaks about it in more then one posting on this blog.

      Sid isn’t this really getting old?

      It would be one thing if you had proof you have hear say what have you personally ever witnessed I understand you don’t like the Micas but why keep on with malicious slander and lies?

  4. Michigan says:

    Dontmatter, I can assure you Mrs. Mica is on the South East corner of Michigan. Roger might be on the west coast but I doubt that, he wouldnt let Mrs. Mica run the board and be by herself. By the way, if you know them so good, why dont you call them up and ask them. I am sure she would tell you the truth, lol.

  5. DontMatter says:

    Lol I am Mrs M I assure you I’m not on a corner anywhere my ‘huge thousand pound ass’ I’ve been reffered to here although I’m not in reality even over 200 lbs. I am on the west coast with my spouse.
    I’ve ignored this blog for a very long time read the out and out lies said about us. Most people know this is non sense drivel because Sid was angry I banned him and not for the reason he claims here.

    If I’m such a loose cannon why have we sat back and laughed at the insanity here?

    I will say we have NEVER met with le ever nor would we ever. Readers believe what you wish were good people who angered a sad man who has nothing better to do then insult and try to hurt innocent good hearted people.

    • Oldfart says:

      If you are mrs.mica, would you be so kind to answer some questions for me?

      1. Why when mica was informed he had a sp wanted for felon charges for drug , did he allow her to continue to post on the board?

      2. Is it common practice to allow a sp to run under fake pictures on your board?

      3. When this sp was being abused by a fellow member and mica and Jordan were made aware of this, was there any action taken to look into this?

      4. After I informed mica of what was going on. Why didn’t mica explain to me what the issues were. Based on what I’ve know. Mica helped them cover up what was going on.

      5. Last, is this sp been allowed to stay on your board to prey on onther John again? As you know I’ve asked mica for a open sit down to resolve this issues. As far as I know, I haven heard anything from him.

      Mrs. Mica, as far as I know, I don’t know you. But there are some un-resolved issues I would like to have cleared up. Yes, I have moved on. But the chance to speak to you openly , has not been afforded to me. If you would Please, could you give me some answers. Thanks oldfart. Aka, joe1700

    • 1sid2sid says:

      Whoever you are, the IP address you’re posting from resolves to a fixed ISP that’s located in southeastern MI. So, you’re clearly in Michigan today and you were yesterday. Although you did go out last night.

      While I’m well aware of Mica’s situation (both of the Micas know this as I’ve shown this to them) I’ve protected this information from the very few people who read this blog. Unlike the Micas, I believe private information is private unless it’s openly posted in context. For example, if Mica posted ON HIS BOARD that he was the CEO Viacom and worked in New York where Mrs. Mica joined him on weekends then that would be fair game. Right now, he’s chosen to keep his real name and occupation private (even though he’s done a miserable job of it). Accordingly, I respect that and I hope you will too as I don’t feel like editing the comments.

      The Mica’s only started ignoring this blog when they figured out that I had discovered all of their personal information and that I could figure out which posts were theirs. Until that time, they posted some of the most incendiary and humorous comments on this blog under several different screen names.

      As for being innocent and good-hearted, I’m sure the Micas are nice to the people they are friends with. However, with strangers they make quick, emotional decisions without even listening to opposing views. And, they’re vindictive and they have no problem with exposing other people’s personal information, initiating illegal computer attacks on websites that they perceive as a threat, and spreading rumors about people they dislike.

      • DontMatter says:

        Yes Sid I am Mrs M and yes for a few more days I am here in Michigan. We do travel back and forth.

      • DontMatter says:

        Ps sid you sir are the one that has spread rumors about people you dislike. Despite your opinion yes I read your drivel for chuckles but our lives don’t revolve around what Sid has to say about us. The people who matter are by our side we have never ever claimed to be perfect nor innocent but we are not what you try and skew us to be.

    • DontMatter says:

      Corrrction to above I am living with my spouse on the west coast.

  6. Mrs H says:

    Why would I ask someone when I already know where you are at ?

    I guess you’ve ignored a lot of things like integrity, honor, decency, and the laws of mother nature.

    Mica’s already broken his vows of marriage, and his choices, well lets just say that they are comical if not sad and truly pathetic.

    I wonder how his future and or current employer would respond knowing his criminal as well as personal faults.

    As to never meeting with the po po, well thats not true, come on bitch, stop with the lying, good people ? again stop with the fucking lies. Oh sure you may think deep down that you are like mother Teresa, but bottom line you aren’t.

    Innocent ? LMAO… okay.

    Well lets just say that sometimes some very bad stuff happens to people.

    When that same bad shit just happens to occur to you and or your family well lets just say that you here and now are given a choice, you can either come clean and beg for your sins to be forgiven or you can go down the path of pain.

    As to the poundage, I guess that scale is in kilograms and broken.

    Trust whats coming you will have earned it.

    • DontMatter says:

      I’d be more then happy to talk with you Oldfart if you have an account on mic send me a pm ill give you a number to contact me at. Using pm is to verify who you say you are.

    • DontMatter says:

      I would be very careful of making threats of harm towards us. I will put up with being called names threatening is beyond line crossing. Threaten me again I’ll persue legal action trust me wouldn’t be hard to figure out who you are. It may be time to step in with a dmca request to shut this non sense down.

      • 1sid2sid says:

        I’ve been advised that blogs are protected speech under the 1st Amendment. I’ve also been advised that the Digital Millineum Copyright Act or DMCA is something that protects the hosts of sites from liability for acts of those who post copyrighted material on a host’s site. To the extent there is something that is in violation of the DMCA you need only to advise me and I’ll remove it.

        Please understand, however, that the First Amendment allows me and others who post here the right to express our opinions as we see fit. To the extent we’re exposing some unpleasantness about the Micas and how they operate their site, they are welcome to rebut everything that’s written here. I’ll even give them a guest blog post so that they can air their grievances and rebut everything that’s been written here.

        Please e-mail be at g h o s t of s i d (all one word) at hush mail dot com. If Mr. or Mrs. MIca e-mail’s what they would like to post here, I’ll cut and past it word for word into a blog entry. I’m willing to hear their version. All are welcome here. They will have to prove authenticity though.

  7. Michigan says:

    So does the Truth hurt? What comes around goes around. Its about time and I have a feeling it could get really interesting. You said you where on the west coast, now the truth comes out again!

    • DontMatter says:

      I said we live on the west coast. That is true when is it against the law to travel. I had a death in my family. Truth. .. please.

      • DontMatter says:

        Sid I have emailed you before as I said in the emails I sent I’m willing to talk about everything ill even leave my Google voice number here what I wont do Is go back and forth via email.

        734 224 8239.

      • 1sid2sid says:

        I have never received email from either Mica or Mrs Mica. I receive emails at the dot HMA account listed in the about section of this blog. I also receive and send mail from the hush mail account I offered you in this blog. These are the only two accounts I use.

        To the extent you have been communicating with someone else claiming to be Ghost of Sid, you have been misled.

        While I’m sure we would have a pleasant conversation, I have no reason to call you. The only issue I have with the Micas is that after only one month on their board, they banned me because they thought I was someone whom I was not. I even wrote Mica to explain my posting style before I started. He didn’t have the courtesy to respond.

        As I’ve written so many times, I started this blog as a joke. I knew nothing about the Micas at the time. Who would have known that so many people have issues with them and how dangerous they are as board operators?

        My offer to the Mica’s to post a guest blog remains open. I have no intention of “going back and forth.” All they have to do is send me their post and I will post it as a guest blog entry. What could be simpler?

      • DontMatter says:

        Sid I did email you at the hmanmail more then once. You weren’t banned over you possibly being Rey we know your not. It was the way you were posting on ahb disrespecting providers being rude and bashing mic while you were still a member of mic. I put an Olive branch out if you choose not to talk to me that’s on you. It probably wouldn’t matter what I said in reply truth or lie you’ll call it a lie. I could honestly care less about 90 percent of what is here except when you make accusations of le being involved which is untrue. That’s a serious accusation and slanderous.

      • 1sid2sid says:

        I will check it and respond. The accusations are out there. I’m simply repeating what your own members have written to me.

      • 1sid2sid says:

        OK, in fact there was an email sent – apparently yesterday. Today there was a follow up name calling email – hardly an “olive branch.” I have no idea who are. I suppose I can trace the email, but I don’t care that much. However, I did respond. Please consider writing your side of the story in a blog post. My huge readership would be interested.

  8. Old fart says:

    I was told by my former ATF (Hey H) sp that’s it is illegal for a board owner to openly announce on the board, that le is on the board. That the board owner or anyone who were to interfere with le investigation , could be charged.
    Now I’m playing devils advacted and wondering if this is the case with micompanions . Legally they can’t say ” yes, it’s true. We are working with le” or they be charged.
    Am I reaching here?

  9. Microcomplainer says:

    The whole premise of such sex boards border on the illegal. So to ask if it’s legal for an illegal prostitution front site to make claims that they do not participate in criminal investigations thats about as oxy moronic as to make claims that R@ger is successful or even a decent prostitution board owner.

    Oh sure you can put up all the disclaimers and other non-relevant mumbo jumbo, but bottom line is persons like Scorp ~ as I dare not use his real name for fear of redaction and Mica like bans ~ persons like Chink food ~ like Tomz ~ like Numbers faggot and last but relatively the most pathetic Mica are subject to arrest ~ oh wait I forgot the irrelevant Zeus. I’m sure I’m missing some other irrelevant fools like Crappy when he used his bogus disability checks to purchase MASP from Mica and his other gay friends. But hopefully you get what I’m saying ?

    The laws are rather vast and complex and as witnessed by the recent arrest and shutting down of boards, people do get caught and brought to justice or sometimes just a perp walk and public outing in the papers. God I can’t wait when Mica’s time comes :).

    You can refer to it as the stupid hobby ~ wtf ~ hobby ~ seriously ~ I try to picture and erase fucked up images of some of the participants playing with model trains or some other equally gay thing like bowling.

    Bottom line is it’s mostly drug addicted fucked up (old) women selling themselves to mostly older ~ fat ~ overweight ~ bald ~ married ~ men.

    Until the laws are changed, despite the stupid denials and I’m not listening in most participants heads and other heads, its all on the down not exactly legal.

    Shit try telling most of these crack heads that drugs are generally bad and illegal.

    For those of you who don’t know, most crack heads don’t really care for anything than how to get some more crack.

    • Old fart says:

      Lol..I like your reply….I know what your saying, but sometimes…. It’s the little things that bite you in the ass…

      • Old fart says:

        Oh, that reminds me… Mrs. Mica I did send you a email, as I’m no longer a member there I couldn’t pm you. No reply yet. I’m patently waiting to hear back from you, just as I did when your husband ask me for my phone# because he wanted to talk to me about these issues. Lets see, that was what…. A year ago and no phone call yet…don’t worry about it. I didn’t think you would.

    • squeeky says:

      That’s unfair some of the girls are quite responcible. Unfortunately some others , not so much.

      To just up and say that all of them are old,fat or addicted is unfair …
      To say all the guys are old fat and bald is also unfair!!
      Are you old fat and bald?

      • Old fart says:

        To be fair, yes there are some Hot sp out there. And some ugly ones. Just like the jhons ,young and fit , fat and old.

        As for the drugs, well… I guess if I had to deal with a fat, old fucker, act like I like them. Work 24/7, give most if not all my money to a pimp. And get the shit beat out of me……I be sticking a needle in my arm to , to stop the madness .

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