Where Are the Provider Ads?

Since the advent of Fosta/Sesta and the demise of the local boards, BackPage, Craigs List, and TER (for those logging in from the United States) it’s been difficult to find legitimate escort advertising.

Switter, from my limited review, seems similar to BackPage since the advertising appears not to be policed by any sort of moderation and many of the ads seem to be placed by “agents.” I haven’t investigated so I’d be interested to know how many of the supposedly “independent” providers on Switter are actually posting for themselves. Of course, even if they are, since Switter has banned any sort of review process, it’s nearly impossible to handicap the chances of a decent appointment.

USA Sexguide is back up after switching its hosting service to the Netherlands. This has potential if people start using it to leave reviews. I’ve also seen a few BackPage like advertising venues pop up but these look sketchy to me.

Have any of you found a reliable escort advertising set with verifiable providers? Many people who read the blog won’t or cannot use Seeking Arrangements since it requires users to do a lot of work and compromises privacy. A reliable review board would be helpful to those people.


Business Is Bad – Very Bad

Business is bad. At least that’s what I’m reading in some of the various subReddits where providers chat on line. Because of Sesta/Fosta, most of the major advertising sites have been removed from the internet and that’s resulted in hobbyists and providers not being able to find each other. Basically, new business is nonexistent.

One provider said that she’s gone from making $6,000 per month to $600. A couple of others had booked out of town tours before the legislation passed and had been sitting in hotels with nothing to do. And, one provider may actually have to go back to teaching. Here’s a Huffington Post article from May 11 that details more examples.

I’ve looked around Switter. And, as cool as the concept is, it’s no substitute for on-line forums. With no reviews, it’s difficult to distinguish who is real and who isn’t. And, many of the posts on Switter have the imprint of agency posting all over them.

Things are tough right now. And, there’s no political upside to changing the law so I don’t expect it to change. Is it time for a Dark Web version of TER?

How Has The Anti Trafficking Affected Your Business and Hobby Activity?

Sesta/Fosta’s chilling effect on reviews is a problem for everyone, even though many of the middle aged Twitter Divas have rejoiced that the review sites are gone.

With no reviews posted anywhere, how will hobbyists handicap providers they’re interested in seeing? Everyone knows that reviews are subjective since a personal service is by definition personal to the user. But, reviews provide three objective and very important pieces of information. 1. Will the provider steal from you? 2. Will you get arrested?; and, 3. Will you get a least one orgasm from the visit?

Without this information, contacting an escort becomes significantly more risky. And, even if hobbyists can find advertised escorts, a significant number of these hobbyists will balk a committing to see an unknown quantity.

How has Sesta/Fosta affected business so far? Comments are welcome.


SESTA/FOSTA Kills Legitimate Escort Advertising

First Backpage,  now TER, Craigslist, and most other forums for consenting Hobbyists and Providers are gone. Even MiAdultdestination is off line, after first removing its advertising section. Eros seems to be the last advertising site left in the US. And, it can’t last for long.  Stalwart USA Sexguide posted the following note on its login page:

On April 11, 2018 President Trump signed into law the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017 (FOSTA) which provides criminal penalties for anyone who “owns, manages, or operates an interactive computer service…with the intent to promote or facilitate the prostitution of another person”.

Accordingly I am temporarily suspending the operation of this website for a brief period until it can be sold to a non-US citizen who will host the website on a server in their home country (Russia, The Ukraine, Malta, who knows where).

This sale may also result in the changing of the site’s domain name, so pay attention.

We will post updates on the status of this sale and transfer here and on our temporary FaceBook Page.

You may also follow the progress on our temporary Twitter account @A2sAutoReviews.

Please have patience. This will only take a few days.

Thank You

It’s hard for me to believe that this slipped by the tech industry and first amendment advocates. As it’s written, SESTA is over broad, vague, and violates basic free speech rights guaranteed by the US Constitution.

What’s next? Match.com,Tinder, and Seeking Arrangements? The law covers almost any online dating site where money could potentially be exchanged for sex. It doesn’t matter whether its between consenting adults.

SESTA  allows both local and federal LE free reign to go after almost any online forum operator. Since most forums don’t make enough money to fight back, they’re going off line. It’s hard to say how this will make it to the courts for a challenge since the risk reward for operating an escort site isn’t high enough for anyone to fight back. And, until someone does get the law changed in the courts, it’s simply too risky to operate any kind of an advertising site.

Providers will be able to work around this by using Seeking Arrangements and Tinder (unless these are also forced out of business). There are enough horny old men who will go to the trouble of using these forums to seek out pay for services sex. But, the hobbyists who value and need quick, anonymous appointments will be hurt by this.

I wonder if the law applies to print advertising? Maybe it will be a boon for the Metro Times. For now, check out Switter. It’s hosted on the Mastodon platform. There’s an amusing menegerie of providers on the site. And, the fawning hobbyists there remind me of the old ScorpsGuide days.   If enough people start to use it,  Swiiter could become a good resource locally.

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The Jessica Jones Comments From Another Thread Have Been Moved Here

There’s more drama surrounding Jessica. I moved the comments from another thread here so they’re easier to find. My first reply was written in frustration over a certain individual who’s been inundating me with drug use allegations but has never been able to give me any facts. Since the Midwest Companions board has a thread on this, I decided to allow some comments.

A lot of providers are drug users, so I’m not that interested in that angle. However, I’m very interested in the allegations that Jessica has conned more than one person out of money and assets by feigning a romantic interest in them.

Here are the comments so far:

Old Fart says:
February 4, 2018 at 2:58 pm (Edit)
Seems the once lovely heroin addict Jessica Star has added a grand theft auto charge to her extensive criminal history according to Soda Jerk on Midwest Companions. Even better known “creepiest loser on the board Grguy” chimes in to say what a lovely and great person she is. You can’t make this shit up

1sid2sid says:
February 7, 2018 at 8:05 pm (Edit)
None of what you’ve written here has been proven. The post you referred to is so poorly written that it’s hard to decipher. But, there is nothing in it about heroin or any other drug. You’ve been trying to insert this drug use charge here for months under several different guises. But you’ve never provided any proof. Many providers use drugs. It’s a big reason for participating in the hobby. Your allegations have been around a long time. Maybe they’re true. If they are, we should all be worried for Jessica. Without help, she’ll die a painful death.

With respect to the auto theft charges, the post seems to infer that SodaJerk loaned her his car. There’s nothing in it about theft.

I like rumor and gossip. But, you need come up with more than just running your big mouth. I can find only one criminal charge for Jessica and that was a long time ago. I’m not saying she’s clean or crime free. But, I haven’t seen proof. So, “put up or shut up.”

An SP says:
February 8, 2018 at 12:01 pm (Edit)
Sid most be one of Jessica’s many fans. Never thought we would see the day he whitenighted so hard. As someone who knows Miss Star as good as anyone, you guys make me laugh. She has always had drug problems, been in and out of jail every few months. Just recently she got a hobbiest to pay a lawyer top dollar to help her get out of a 5 year prison sentence as she was being charged as a third strike felony drug offender. She made this guy believe they were a couple and that she was drug free while the whole time she had another boyfriend deep in the drug world with her. As soon as this dude realized he was a chump john and bailed she moved onto Soda with another sad, poor me story and got him to set her up with a car. Sid is obviously another dumass who thinks with his cock but let me assure you that the girl is no good and would kill someone and not think twice. Nice to know all the resident idiots excuse her cuz “she’s pretty”

1sid2sid says:
February 8, 2018 at 2:26 pm (Edit)
Nah. I don’t even know her. I’m just tired of being pounded with unsubstantiated rumors. No one will provide facts and there are so many competing agendas that it’s impossible to discern what’s real and what’s “fake news.”

So, I decided to post some of the rumors but with the disclaimer that I have no idea whether or not these rumors are true. “I heard this,” and, ” She paid a lawyer top dollar to get her out of a felony charge,” are meaningless without some substantiation. And, as I wrote in another comment, I can’t find anything other than a credit card fraud conviction. If she had three strikes, how come it doesn’t come up with a web search? While I personally believe the rumors (I’ve heard them too many times and had too much detail described to me) they’re still only rumors. Neither you nor anyone else has provided me with any hard facts.

As for Soda Jerk and the other guy (I know who the other guy is and like him and my contacts with Soda have always been fine) while I can sympathize with the fact that both of them were conned by a provider, I don’t care. Conning johns is what hookers do and it’s incredibly stupid for two out of shape middle aged hobbyists to think that they are anything more than breathing ATM’s to a hooker that’s 20 years younger and 200 pounds lighter than they are.

I’m probably a dumbass – as you allege. But, I’ve never been conned by a provider. I’ve never met Jessica. I don’t even know what she looks like. But, I do know that addiction is a bad, bad thing and that it leads to a slow death. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

Miranda Evans Seems to Have Embraced TER

What a hypocrite. Despite her animosity toward TER management and reviewers, Anastasia Kane aka Ms. Emma Gray aka Miranda Evans can’t live without the site. For someone who claimed to be finished posting on TER and who couldn’t stop bad mouthing the forum, she’s embraced it as Miranda Evans. I wonder if she’s in the running for one of the top ten lists she seemed to despise so much as Ms. Emma Gray.

One thing is certain, she’s enjoying all of Chicago’s culinary delights. Edited to add that contrary to what she and/or her fawning fans have posted here, based on her most recent pictures, presumably her best since they are professionally posed, Miranda Evens is an aging and overweight escort who’s deceptively marketing herself.

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Emma Gray Moves to Chicago Becomes Miranda Evans

All traces of MissEmmaGrayMi have vanished. Neither her Twitter account nor  her website are active. Although, in the comments here someone alleged that Miss Emma Gray Mi is now  Miranda Evans. Update: I have verified that Emma Gray moved to Chicago and that she is Miranda Evans.  Miranda’s website is HERE.

I’ve enjoyed reading Emma’s Twitter account and blog over the years so it’s unfortunate that she’s gone for now. As Miranda Evans, I can only hope she remains as insufferable and pretentious as she has been in the past.  Her issue is that she allowed all of her personal information to leak and it’s a cautionary tale for everyone.

In a sense, this is Emma’s fault for allowing her personal information to leak. She had total control until she trusted one person. That one person leaked her information and then it went viral. After that,  it was only a matter of time before it got out to the wrong person.

I wish Emma Gray the best and hope things work out for her. And, now that Emma is posting as Miranda Evans, keep me updated when she resurfaces on other social media.  As always, I’d love to see verifiable facts (it’s been verified), although I do admit that the  resemblance and pedantic pros are an uncanny match to Miss Emma Gray.

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