Lena Czura – SJW or Fraud?

Listening to Lena Czura spew her virtuous (and vacuous) bullshit on Parker’s Podcast was cringe inducing.

Lena Czura depends on the same men she attacks in her role as a Social Justice Warrior to pay her $2,500 per 3 hour appointment so that she can lead a lifestyle of luxury goods, travel, and high end dining. This seems contrary to the socialist mantra that Czura preaches.

At the same time she’s attacking America and arguing for a redistribution of wealth, she’s going home to a luxury loft that’s appointed with Bosch appliances and high end Grohe fixtures. She also regularly solicits luxury gifts from the dupes who follow her on social media. Maybe this is what she means when she talks about wealth redistribution.

The bottom line is that Lena Czura, the product of a wealthy suburban upbringing and an expensive private liberal arts college, is a hypocritical hooker. And, the only wealth she cares about redistributing is her clients’ wealth from their bank accounts to hers. Everything else is just virtue signalling to make her feel better about her own rapacious lifestyle.


November Nuptials

The Miranda Evans nuptials are supposedly scheduled for November 6, 2021. She is marrying a 30 year old guy who is six years younger than she is. Anyone who has more information, feel free to email me at my CTemplar email address that you’ll find in the “about” section of the blog.

Although Miranda’s website is password protected, she’s still posting pictures of herself, stuffed into lingerie that’s a size too small for her, on Twitter with a link to her OnlyFans site. Speculation is that she’s explained her hooker earnings to the fiancé as proceeds from OnlyFans. We’d like to know how this guy will react when he finds out that his bride to be is a full service sex worker.

Deceptive Marketing Drives High Prices. Don’t be Fooled.

There was a decent New York Times article that was primarily about Only Fans but contained a paragraph that succinctly describes the marketing strategy of Lena Czura and her cohort of middle aged prostitutes.

Here is a link. (requires free account) But, the best paragraph in the whole article is this:

Sex workers, like more mainstream influencers, tend to depict themselves as booked and busy, carefree yet in constant demand, sometimes literally rolling in a pile of cash. Berg observed that the “empowerment narrative of the 2020s isn’t sex positivity anymore” but rather “raking it in,” and escorts in particular project a life characterized by luxurious travel, designer clothes and other forms of conspicuous consumption. This is old-fashioned marketing, undertaken to convince clients that the service provider is worth the price they’ve set. It’s also a marginalized population’s bid for social respectability. “How can I not take a job that pays this much?” implies every posted screenshot of an OnlyFans cash-out — or, as Berg put it, “If I’m so exploited, why am I making more than you?” But above all, she said, it’s a form of protection. When clients see economical vulnerability, they’re more likely to push boundaries, haggle rates and behave in otherwise exploitative and abusive ways.

We’ve talked about this deceptive marketing before and a lot of readers have confirmed it. Blushing bride Miranda Evans, Lena Czura, and the buck toothed Haley Wells are all guilty of faking busy schedules, the constant receipt of lavish “gifts,” and worst of all—using photo editing software to depict themselves as more attractive and youthful than they actually are.

These are just three of many. Visit “Sex Worker Twitter,” and you’ll find tons of elderly, marginal looking escorts who claim that “clients,” are flying them across the country and paying thousands of dollars for sex. We’ve always figured that this was marketing bullshit and that most hookers were hustling to make a buck. And, this article seems to confirm it.

As one worker at a high end brothel confirmed “you can turn any average looking women into a high end escort if you dress her in lingerie and lower the lighting levels.” This is what photo editing software and marketing are doing for savvy promoters.

Don’t buy into the hype. It’s a buyer’s market. Choose wisely.

Here Comes the Bride

Miranda Evans, the middle aged, “high end courtesan,” whose antics and branding have made her a favorite target of this blog, is engaged to be married. Sources say she’s set a date and has been shopping for wedding dresses. We reached out to Miranda for confirmation and to see if she had any objection to making an announcement here, but she didn’t respond.

We’d like to know if she’s marrying a John. Or, is this a guy who has no idea about her ten year plus career as a prostitute escort? Even if this Prince Charming knows about Miranda’s primary sex-for-hire business (she’s educated for a career that she now uses as a cover) what about his family?

Miranda’s personal information is known widely and she’s branded her business so that she has a huge web presence. This won’t be a secret from the family for long. On the internet, there’s an archive for everything and Miranda’s career choice will never die.

Congratulations Miranda. We’re holding out hope for an invitation. You know the email address.


Another Reason to Avoid Massage Parlors

If you weren’t concerned about patronizing sex trafficking victims or being recorded by the security cameras and then having your antics broadcasted to the world, now you have another reason to avoid Asian Message Parlors–death.

Mass shootings are getting out of hand. The killing of six people in four Atlanta area AMP’s is tragic and there will a lot of articles discussing the real issues that the shootings present. But, one thing that won’t be parsed by the media is the initial statement by one of the law enforcement officials, reported by NBC, that these businesses operate legally. What a laugh.

Sure, technically they’re licensed by the state as corporate entities. But, unless hand jobs, blow jobs, and full service sex are legal in Georgia, AMP’s operate under a very thin veil of legality. And, no one who patronizes these places is going for a massage.

No one should be using AMP’s for sex. It’s just too risky. Because the workers are moved from place to place and are mostly trafficked immigrants, sexually transmitted diseases are a real risk and the internet forums are full of stories about reused condoms and bare back sex. If that’s not enough, local LE routinely raids these places and arrests the patrons. Remember Robert Kraft? And, the FBI’s sex trafficking tax force is also all over the AMP network so you’re likely to be inserted into their records as part of their surveillance activities, even if you’re lucky enough not to be part of a raid.

Now, it seems like you risk an ignominious death too. One of the 6 deaths in the Atlanta shootings was a 54 year old male customer of the Spa. The guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just like Robert Kraft and just like you could be.

It’s a good time to think about your risk profile and assess what you’re willing to risk in exchange for participating in commercial sex. With precautions, you can limit your risk. But, you’ll never eliminate it.

Another Reason to Keep Your Personal Information Personal

If they ask for personal information, move on. This isn’t something you want to compromise on.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the following quote from a SubReddit frequented by escorts. An escort was paid to fly to visit a client in a different city (FMTY). She got airfare and travel expenses up front, but no deposit or fee. (Another thing that you should never agree to pay).

When she arrived at the destination, the client postponed their appointment. She was staying in town with a friend so she agreed. Day two ended and she still hadn’t heard from the client so she to took to Reddit for advice from from the confederacy of whores as to whether she should charge him the $3,000 fee. (They all said “of course”). One comment was that “He doesn’t get to waste your time like this.” To which another escort responded with the following:

. . .He does if she didn’t get half up front and enough personal info on dude to leverage getting the rest. Chalk it up to the game. Life lessons.

The only “life lesson” here is that no one should give identifiable information to an escort. Why? Because there’s high probability that if anything goes wrong, the escort will use your information to “leverage” resolving whatever issue she has with you—whether or not you’re in the wrong. Moreover, there’s also a chance she’ll use your information against you even if the initial appointment goes well.

So don’t be a fool. Escorts are like buses. There’s always another one coming along. No one person is worth exposing your identifiable information to.

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Parker’s Podcast

Parker Westwood, one of the middle aged cohort of providers that likes to label themselves as “high end,” on Twitter, has a podcast. Like most amateur podcasts (and even professionally produced ones) it’s not all that compelling.

I hate to say anything negative because producing a podcast is hard. And, Parker has put some time into this one. Plus, unlike blogging, podcasting makes you vulnerable. There’s something about the spoken word that’s more intimate and scary for the podcaster. So, kudos to Parker Westwood for doing it and good luck.

But, I couldn’t make it though a full episode. The subject (she interviews sex workers) has really limited material and it tends to get repetitive. Combine that with the sex workers that she interviews, most of whom have a really grating vocal presence and are pretty pedestrian, and it’s tough to make it through more than 10 minutes of material. Your mileage may vary so give it a listen HERE .

Unlike her subjects, Parker herself is interesting and has a good voice for broadcasting. Rather than spending a ton of time listening to Parker the podcaster, I’d recommend listening to Parker being interviewed by another podcaster HERE She’s articulate and shares some details about her life in an authentic way without disclosing too much and doxing herself. I listened to the entire interview and although the guy doing the questioning is insufferable, Parker comes off well and, even if you don’t agree with her Social Justice Warrior tendencies, you’ll find it listenable.

So, all in all, good work Parker. While I won’t be a regular listener, I hope you continue to find content and grow the podcast.

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Hailey Wells – Soliciting Donations From her Twitter Followers

Hailey Wells, a local escort with crooked, nicotine stained teeth, bleached hair, and the overall appearance of a southeastern Ohio Hillbilly, (see the excellent book Hillbilly Elegy for an explanation) has taken to begging for donations to supplement her hooker income. As new home owner, it seems that she’s shameless in soliciting money from her Twitter followers.

Grifting like this seems to diminish Hailey’s “high end companion,” branding. If Hailey Wells is a $1000 per appointment, “high end companion,” why is she asking for small donations on social media? I guess any money is good money if you don’t have to work for it. And, I suppose there are enough fawning suckers out there who will tap “send” on their Venmo app to curry favor with this average looking hooker.

If the $1000 appointment isn’t working for her, instead of grifting her Twitter followers maybe she should drop down to the lower level appointment style. MiCompanions.com, the low end hobbyist message board that’s been recently resurrected, has plenty of $200 an hour opportunities with experienced hobbyists who will keep Hailey really busy with 15 minute appointments.

I wonder how Hailey’s mentor, Lena Czura, feels about a member of her “high end” cohort diminishing the brand?

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Prostitution Decriminalized in Ann Arbor

Newly elected Washtenaw County Prosecutor Eli Savit issued a policy statement that effectively decriminalizes the exchange of sex for money between two consenting adults.

Does this mean Washtenaw County is the new destination for sex tourists from the Detroit Metropolitan area? It seems likely that anyone who’s even remotely close to Ann Arbor will go out of their way to set up appointments there.

This is a boon for local hotel occupancy. And, what about all of the vacant office and shopping center space? Why not lease a store front or office for cheap rent and set up a “relaxation station?” I can see the office directory listing now—Evans, Czura, and Belmont, LLC.

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The Obligatory Welcome Back MiCompanions.com Post

MiCompanions, the former lowbrow hobbyist message board that was taken down a few years ago, is back. For the uninitiated, take a look a some of my previous posts, many are tagged micompanions, on this board to see what that board was all about.

TLDR; MiCompanions is owned and administered by several individuals who have proven on many different occasions that they are untrustworthy and hostile towards escorts and anyone whom they perceive to threaten their “empire.”

Even though I started this blog to highlight the unethical, dangerous, and many times really hilarious behavior of these board owners and administrators, I’m not going to go out of my way to write about them this time for a couple of reasons.

First, they’re taking a small risk opening the board back up and they don’t seem to be making money doing it. Sure, they may shill for donations if it becomes successful, but the FBI isn’t finished taking on trafficking and these message boards are low hanging fruit.

Sesta/Fosta makes it prima facia illegal to operate a message board where prostitutes advertise their services and so an FBI take down along with the attendant questioning of board members isn’t out of the question. If you want to find out what happens when you’re arrested by the FBI for operating an escort board legally, read this.

But, in the end, it’s a good thing for local hobbyists to have a place to exchange information and these guys, such as they are, are stepping up. So, I don’t have any interest in interfering with them as long as they’re not being dishonest and pulling a bunch of shenanigans. Of course, I won’t know unless someone tells me since I have don’t trust them enough to join their board even under an assumed name.

Second, my sense is that these escort message boards have run their course. There are other options that are far better in today’s world. The halcyion years for whore boards ended with the demise of Scorps Guide and Escort Vault. Younger, non career hookers found other options to find johns leaving these boards to the lower end of the escort business.

Sure prices are cheaper, but the quality of the providers is average to below average. And, the hobbyists who use these boards don’t care. They’re more concerned with saving money than they are with getting the most attractive sex partner. All of this means that I’ve personally got no interest in spending my time trolling that board for material to write about. Even during a pandemic, there other, more productive things to do.

Finally, the names I’ve heard so far have one foot in the grave. Too much stress, like being mocked on a blog that nobody reads, could kill them. So, unless something major happens that needs exposing, I’ll mostly ignore MiCompanions.

As always, if you decide to join and find out you’re being bullied or you or your personal information is compromised, let me know and I will write about it here. And, if you decide to join, take the following precautions and don’t compromise on any one of them:

1. Use ToR or a paid for VPN service that does not log ip addresses. Search the privacy.io web site to find something like this. You’re doing this to hide your IP address from the people who run the board, and to encrypt your web traffic so that you ISP doesn’t have a log of your traffic.

2. Use a hardened Firefox browser when you access the site. A hardened Firefox browser is one where you customize your privacy setting so that your computer doesn’t give out information that can be used to find your real identity. It’s easy to set this up. Google the phrase “hardened Firefox browser” and you should find directions on how to do this. It’s a 5 minute process and it will make it impossible for people with the level of tech savvy that the MiCompanions folks have to trace anything about you.

3. Use a throw-away, end to end encrypted email address to sign up for the board. Do not use gmail or outlook or any other common provide that tracks your usage. I’d recommend TutaNota or ProtonMail. Both have free accounts and you only have to use it once. Do not use the address you sign up with for any other account.

On their last attempt at running a board, Mica and his crew were not logging IP addresses that I could determine. (A comment below says they did and do log IP addresses) But, better safe than sorry. The fact that the site is hosted in Iceland makes no difference. Everyone using it is subject to US law and the everything posted on the site can be scraped by LE.

So, don’t take any chances. The minimum recommendations above aren’t perfect, but they’re good enough for this purpose.

The only interest that I have in the new MiCompanions is exposing them if they abuse their Admin privileges (and of course in any idiotic shenanigans like the Shviz post I made several years ago – click on the Shvitz tag below if you want some funny reading). So, if anyone wants to report back, my email is on the About page here at MiComplainers. Good luck.

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