Keeping up with Anastasia Kane

More hi jinx from Anastasia Kane, who’s rapidly climbing the list of memorable escort board personalities. Last week, a reader posted a link to Ms. Kane’s blog. But, it’s not the blog that she’s listed on her website and promoted on the local message boards. Instead, it’s a supposedly anonymous blog entitled “BlondeBombShell Escort.”

She’s tried to keep it separate from her activities as Anastasia Kane. In the blog, she whines about her plight in in life  (apparently she doesn’t like many of her clients, can’t stand the job she spent many years obtaining an education for, and just got dumped by the love of her life – a married Korean man who used her for sex and then kicked her to the curb), holds forth as an expert on being an escort, and generally provides a constant stream of narcissistic, look at me, posts about her mundane life.

All of this makes for great reading. And, as a bonus, you can ask her questions. If you liked her posts on the boards, you’ll love her pedantic answers to the questions her followers ask.

All in all, I give her blog a 10. Read it HERE.

Update: i guess Anastasia Kane doesn’t want all of you reading her blog. I can see why. As of July 21, Anastasia Kane has killed the link by taking her blog private.


The Great Brain, Anastasia Kane, Answers The Question “Do You Have Any Regrets?”

On, someone posted a topic asking whether people had any regrets about starting in the “hobby.” A reader told me that Michigan’s own great brain Anastasia Kane gave this a great deal of thought before posting the following”

I haven’t answered this yet because I couldn’t sort through my feelings on it. I guess I still feel undecided. I guess in terms of the financial aspect, I don’t regret it. I could easily be in $50,000 in debt like many of my cohort. I am debt free and have a variety of investments. I often wonder what would have happened if I would have started earlier in my life, how far ahead I could be. But I suppose I’m a big believer in “all in good time”. Overall, I’ve met some really awesome people and had some crazy/fun experiences.

On the other hand, this line of work can be terribly isolating. I suppose some have the luxury of telling their loved ones. Only two people in my life know, one has come to accept it and one struggles with it often. It’s also hard to give this life up because basically you are your own boss. I find myself often getting frustrated at my regular job when I’m forced to do something I find stupid. But I’m not the boss so I can’t have a say. Not to mention the whole concept of money becomes skewed.

Our pudgy princess  is a deep thinker and this post pretty much speaks for itself. But, from the variety of posts that I’ve been sent, it really looks like Anastasia Kane has no self esteem and compensates  by pumping herself up on escort boards  bragging about her earnings, correcting people’s spelling, and making sure we all know that she went to graduate school and that she’s smarter we are. Education must not get you as far as it used to because all of her supposed earnings seem to be coming from her work as a prostitute.

Didn’t she mention once that she was a nurse in real life? If so, she’s right on about the downside of being exposed. I’d speculate that moonlighting as a provider could get you dismissed from most hospital systems. And what about the time honored exit strategy of having an affair with a physician and becoming the second wife? It’s probably not an option if you’re exposed as a former hooker. Seems like Anastasia Kane would keep a lower profile on the boards given the recent cases of personal information being passed around.

Ok, no more emails about Anastasia Kane (unless they’re funny). She’s only interesting for a minute and then it’s time move on.

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Is Anastasia Kane Michigan’s Cliff Clavin?

Is Anastasia Kane the Michigan hobby’s mental Hercules? Or, is she just another know-it-all? She certainly tries hard to show her brilliance in almost every post; working in the fact that she has a “graduate degree” on more than one occasion.

Since her return to the Michigan boards (Anastasia Kane’s grand plan to compete as a $500 an hour “courtesan” in San Francisco seems to have foundered), her pedantic posting style is really becoming tedious, albeit pretty amusing. The nearly constant references to her education and her condescending style make nearly all of her posts cringe inducing.

I like to think of her as the boards’ own Cliff Clavin, the know-it-all mailman from the 80’s TV series, Cheers. For example, look at this quote from Cliff:

You know, there’s a lot of misunderstanding about rats. The rodendus vermikitis as they’re called in Latin. It turns out our long tailed friend wasn’t after all responsible for the dreaded bubonic plague as alleged through history. Yes, sir. It was caused by an animal called the bubon. That’s right, and the threat by the way is still with us. So if anyone does see a bubon, contact your local authorities.

Now look at Anastasia Kane’s response when a hobbyist on made a light hearted post about female Cialis. Anastasia Kane helpfully responded:

Well, PDE5 inhibitors like Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra have not shown to be particularly effective in women (in terms of sexual experience). PDE5 inhibitors are used medically for certain conditions in both men and women. But studies have had mixed results in terms of showing any type of efficacy for female sexual arousal. One study included almost 1000 women, some estrogenized, some estrogen deficient (this is important because in men, if your testosterone levels are low, PDE5 inhibitors will not work as well) and gave them Viagra. They found no difference to speak of between the experimental and control groups. Adverse reactions were headache, runny nose, visual disturbances, nausea, and heartburn. Two other smaller studies found that some women did experience more sexual arousal and more orgasms.

Really all these drugs do is increase blood flow to the area. For men, this is obviously helpful but the underlying desire is there. For women, I think it’s more of a mental issue/hormonal issue. Testosterone/progesterone creams have shown far more efficacy in terms of helping with vaginal dryness. So anyways, nope, I wouldn’t try it.

See? The Anastasia Kane character is a female Cliff Clavin. Thanks Anastasia, for providing some comic relief (even if it’s unintentional). You’re one of the few who make the boards worth reading.

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Jazmin’s Arrest Not Prostitution Related

In the interest of full disclosure, I need to report that someone sent me a link to a site that actually showed the charges against Jazmin. Without making the effort to actually go to Macomb County and physically look at the record, I’ll have to believe what was posted. Interestingly, the site was the only one that listed the charge.

The truth is really underwhelming and not dramatic at all. Jazmin was arrested on a drunk and disorderly charge on the east side on the same day she posted availability on the east side. Maybe she has to get hammered in order to see clients. Or, maybe appointments with Jazmin are just one big party. Either way, on their face, these charges are not that interesting and probably aren’t too relevant to this blog.

However, a reader sent me the following speculation along with a link to the Michigan statue that defines disorderly conduct:

Maybe if it was just an arrest and she wasn’t charged. She might turn up in OTIS in a few months if she was charged and convicted.

An interesting note; it looks like Michigan’s disorderly person statute might include an arrest for prostitution:

So, perhaps she was picked up on prostitution after all. If she’s never charged it would certainly point to her possibly being flipped as an informant. I wouldn’t see her in Macomb County, that’s for sure.

I wish Jazmin would have just told me the truth when I first asked her about the arrest. I never would have posted anything  and it would have ended there. Now, I’m left wondering whether Jazmin’s “close friend in law enforcement” got the charges written up as disorderly conduct rather than prostitution. One thing is for sure, nothing is ever as it seems.

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Comments posted using real names will not be approved

A couple of people think it’s funny to use the real names of others to make comments to the blog. This usually slips by me and when it’s brought to my attention I change the name and let the comment stay up. 

From now on, I’m simply going to delete comments using someone’s real name. 

I’ve Verified That Popular Provider Jazmin Was Arrested – She Denies It Was Prostituiton Related

I received an email from a throw away address claiming that Jazmin was arrested for prostitution. So far I’ve verified that she was arrested in Macomb County on a day she had posted availability on the “east side.” When I asked her about it by email, she became very defensive and accused me of “harassment,” threatening that she had “a close friend that works in law enforcement.” This may be why the arrest record on the Internet doesn’t include the charge or her mug shot.

From Jazmin:

This sounds like a threat. What is your mere purpose? This has nothing to do with hobbying
And when I told her the information I had – a Jailbase printout of her arrest on the same day as she posted availability, she sent this:
You say you have some ticket? Then you ask me for a ticket claiming it’s mine? If you have it then why are asking me for one? This is contradictory. I have a very close friend that works for lawenforcement. Not sure what your motive is , but I am asking you to please persue your allegations else where. Thanks in advance.
I had asked her to provide me with proof that her arrest was not prostitution related. I told her what I had – evidence of an arrest on the day she posted availability but nothing about the charge. I also told her that I wouldn’t publish anything if she would verify that the arrest was not related to her activities as a provider on the boards. She refused and threatened me with her “close friend in Law Enforcement.”
I want to make it clear that Jazmin does not deny she was arrested but she does deny it was prostitution related.

This information is a month old. The arrest happened on March 3, 2015 But, if a provider on the boards was arrested and has kept it a secret, it raises some questions about the safety of the local boards.

Jazmin is a high volume provider and she secures her appointments from sources in addition to the local boards. But, she isn’t a back page advertiser and she seems to limit herself to known hobbyists.  Even so, her way of doing business – if this arrest was prostitution related and I think it was – didn’t make her immune from LE. I wonder if this is just a normal part of doing business as a full time provider? Or, was she merely unlucky or not careful enough this one time? Either way, it’s a reminder that you can never be too careful.

If anyone one can provide more information – send facts to ghost of sid at hushmail dot com.

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Jay Cross Calls Them as She Sees Them

I love it when the dirty laundry gets exposed. This outburst by Jay Cross is pretty tame. She calls it like she sees it – unfiltered. Seems like she’s not too concerned about what TomZ and the crew think about her. I like that too.

The post is from a thread about some St. Patrick’s Day get-together some of the crew from attended. Supposedly, there was more interesting material in the thread but Ralphie1 (aka Joe Blow) got to it before my people could copy it and send it on.

There’s really nothing new in here. But, it’s slightly amusing. Jay, I’d be happy to print the whole story if you’d care to share.

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Re: St. Paddy’s get together
« Reply #43 on: March 21, 2015, 10:34:33 AM »
<flame deleted>
And there were providers bragging about the money they are making, talking about how much they get paid for locking guys dicks up in cock cages, and etc.
Classy affection vs slutty attention are two different things but sorry only the classy get this.
No wonder you thought nothing of your boisterous behavior….
Some of you guys are sick!
Did I touch a nerve?
Well you need a dose of reality every now and then Cuz you are crazy to think your slutty behavior in public should be acceptable amongst people who honor discretion .
FBI could have been at the next table then we all would be under watch just like the 100 people off the board who got interviewed by the FBI from attending a wild ass hobby party.
To each his own but don’t condemn me for voicing my opinion; get a life instead of dissecting every post I write
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