Emma Gray Removes Online Presence

All traces of MissEmmaGrayMi have vanished. Neither her Twitter account nor  her website are active.

I’ve enjoyed reading her Twitter account and blog over the years so it’s unfortunate that she’s gone for now. Her issue is that she allowed all of her personal information to leak and it’s a cautionary tale for all of everyone. You absolutely must not disclose your real information to anyone.

In a sense, this is Emma’s fault because she allowed her real information to leak. She had total control until she trusted one person. That on person leaked her information and then it went viral. After that,  it was only a matter of time before it got out. to the wrong person.

Regardless of someone’s culpability in exposing their personal information, doxing is unethical and shameful – especially in the context of the escort business where a particular escort or hobbyist isn’t harming anyone but themself.

I wish Emma Gray the best and hope things work out for her.

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MiAdultDestination Down? Update 8/20/17 The Site is Up

It looks like MAD is down. I don’t have any information and other local boards seem to be operating as usual. The site is still on line and paid for until August, 2018.  It responds when pinged. It’s just not accessible – at least to me.

Agent Vandela aka Natalie Chase Hounds Me Over Blog Post

Since posting the reader comment about Natalie Chase, Natalie has written me several emails, the latest making a threat to “get me.” She’s written a couple of times that the blog is “interfering with” her business.

I doubt it. I think it’s more a case of her price to value ratio. She’s a middle aged woman now. And, while Emma Gray has shown us that there’s a market for middle aged “courtesans,”  Emma Gray has a better eye for marketing. Case in point – you would never spot Emma in an unflattering photo like the one of Natalie Chase that was provided to me. Emma controls her image. And, while there are unflattering photos of her on the internet, they’re not tied to the Emma Gray brand.

So Ms. Natalie Chase, rather than send threats to me that a blog that no one reads is hurting your reputation – work on controlling what photos you put out there in the public domain.

And, Natalie wanted me to know that she is aware of the writer’s identity and that she would deal with him when the timing was right. She’s big on threats I guess. She also wanted me to know that the dress that was described as a mu mu was a ATTICO that she purchased for $1,100 – on sale. The choker? Marc Jacobs – $400.  She claims she is 5′ 7″ and 125 pounds. But, you be the judge. Here’s her Agent Vandela Twitter account where she presumably posts her best pictures – AgentVandela .

The Problem With Being an Escort

There is no exit strategy. A blog reader send me the following email that really highlights this.

In the email, the reader mentions two providers who were, by most accounts, very highly regarded. As I recall, one of them was asking for something like $600 an hour for an appointment.


Hookers age like vinegar and not wine

Do you want to see what a 500 dollar an hour hooker looks like in Michigan? I present Natalie Chase aka Agent Vendela and J Chick. We all know that these two have been over the hill for some time now, hell they were tricking when Coleman Young first took office.
I was a guest for business at a local event recently and happened to run into this ancient tag team. I couldnt believe the difference! They wore what could only be described as gypsy inspired mu-mu type dresses that are popular in trailer parks and Dollar Generals all over the area. J Chick has apparently forgone all physical fitness and hygiene routines in lieu of chain smoking and Taco Bell. The gentleman they were with was also a piece of work. Shaved head, covered in tatts and looked liked he hadnt showered, or held a real job since The Reagan era. Picture a weed smoking loutish boyfriend who plays Xbox and smokes weed all day and you get the message. I only wish the lovelorn hobby lotharios who profess how “classy” and “upscale” these two are couldve seen what I saw. The gypsy bag lady dresses, Natalie wearing shoes and goth jewelery that is 3 for 10 bucks at Spencers Gifts. Needless to say, I was stunned. I have enclosed a photo but Sid can choose whether he wants to post it or not

Where are they now?

Where have all the providers who previously posted on the local boards and whom we’ve had fun with on this blog over the years gone? Are they out of the business or just keeping a low profile?

The only one that I still see around is Anastasia Kane  Miss Emma Gray, who now has breast implants and seems to be traveling as an escort full time. Search for her on Twitter – her account is OK but not nearly as good as the blog she maintained on Tumblr.

And, what about fan favorites Marissa Madison, Morgan Veda, Skarlett Star and Angie Hotlipps (all who’ve made it on to this blog over the years for various entertaining reasons)? Does anyone have information on these infamous personalities?



Message Boards are Dead and so is my Content

As participation in the boards has dwindled, I’ve found that there is nothing entertaining or useful to write here. I’ve left the blog up because we’ve accumulated some entertaining material over the last few years.

The boards have been replaced by newer disruptive technologies like Tinder and Seeking Arrangements. As one Reddit poster said “…when college girls are willing to take $200 and dinner for an overnight, how can we (providers) expect to get $500 per hour?”.   This is an overstatement since there will always be a few married, traveling businessmen who find hiring an escort from Eros easier and more anonymous than the alternatives. But, the days of a thriving message board subculture are over.

The market has changed. And, without the foibles of the Michigan message boards to write about,  I don’t have much content.


A Flouncing Fanboy’s Fawning Fault Finding of Review Boards

I’ve always loved the fawners – those hobbyists who pander to providers at any cost. On the internet, these putative Casanovas like to portray themselves as self assured “gentlemen” when, in reality, they’re passive purchasers of sex scouring the internet for a companion who will feed their fantasy for a few hundred bucks an hour.

I stumbled upon one of these naive souls the other night when I was reading Adrianna Carter’s crusade against review boards like The Erotic Review. This dislike for reviews has gained momentum with many of the “high end” providers who are generally older and using airbrushed photos and polished websites to portray themselves as more desirable than they really are. So, I get their desire not to be reviewed. If too many people tell the truth, the fantasy is ruined and business falls off.

Of course, Carter and her cohort make some good points. Prolific reviewers and career hobbyists do sometimes use their on line status to extort free services and other nefarious things from naive providers. It happened all the time on the Midwesttimez board and on TER, I understand it’s even worse.

But, review boards serve a purpose. Before reviews, it was easy for a provider and/or her manager to misrepresent pricing, appearance, and even service and get away with it. To suggest that this is OK by calling for an end to boards like TER ignores the fact that the escort business has dishonest people on either side of the transaction.

That’s where this refined gentleman enters the story. In a foolish attempt to look like a friend to all providers, Captain Sav-a-Ho wrote an entire blog post decrying review boards. Rather than discussing the pros and cons, “Gentleman Client” (his words not mine) provides eight reasons why review boards have a negative effect on the “industry.”  His pandering post earned him some positive attention from some providers. But, his reasons are nothing more than sophistry intended to promote his own self interest.

The internet has leveled the playing field in many different industries by decentralizing and democratizing information that was previously hoarded to the advantage of a few. And, that’s why review boards will always be a good thing. Sure, some of the information will be false and a few bad actors will try to manipulate the process. But, in the marketplace of information, the bad people will ultimately be exposed. And, all of us benefit from the free flow of information. Advocating an end to this is naive. It’s asking for a return to the days of the newspaper classifieds.

Here are Gentleman Client’s eight reasons and my (in italics) comments:

  1. GC: Virtual monopolies fly in the face of a free market. The provider argument  that he’s restating here is that TER is their only source of advertising and therefore they’re at the mercy of those who run TER. But, he’s wrong. The internet is a huge place and there are plenty of places to advertise. I know many women who make a good living without TER. 
  2. GC: Collusive hobbyists cajole, harass and threaten providers. While this is true, it’s easily dealt with when exposed to the light of day like people have been doing on the local boards for years. And, it’s no reason to call for a cessation of the free flow of information. 
  3. GC: Authenticity, legitimacy, and safety are seldom what they claim. What does this even mean? I’ll agree wholeheartedly that the women who hide behind the carefully crafted photos and flowery marketing prose are “seldom what they seem.” And, that’s all the more reason to have the free and open flow of information that’s provided by the boards.
  4. Hackers have the potential to publicize a central database of private data. Nobody with a modicum of intelligence would use their real information to register for one of these boards. 
  5. Law Enforcement (LE) use boards to arrest clients and providers – with increasing impunity. Specious. Use of TOR or a VPN, combined with a hush mail account and a modicum of caution counteracts this. Moreover, LE enforcement against the boards is arguably unconstitutional. 
  6. Board administrators are understandably motivated by money – which too often opposes safety. See 5 above. No one should rely on strangers to protect them. I’m stealthed. I don’t do anything illegal. I couldn’t care less who operates a site that I post on. 
  7. Frequent reviewers (“Slobbyists”) earn undue reputation from a board, rather than a true safety network. This is more sophistry. Who cares? We take the information we want using the critical thinking skills we should have honed in school. I like how he adopted his favorite provider’s term for “hobbyists.” What a fawning, Beta. 
  8. It may be old fashioned, but to “kiss and tell” for all to read speaks volumes for the gent’s lack of discretion. Irrelevant. Reviews themselves tell you no more than the reviewer didn’t get arrested or ripped off. Everything else is fiction or part of a personal service that could never be the same for any two individuals. 

The guy who wrote this concluded it with some trite advice for all providers on how they should market themselves. This is the kind of drivel we used to see on Scorpsguide when the Captain-Sava-Hos  would all come out and tell the providers how to conduct business.

The TLDR version of this is that Adrianna and her over-the-hill cohort of providers who may or my not be as attractive as they once were want to limit the flow of information. And, this blogger is simply a fawning minion hoping to curry favor.

The internet has disrupted every industry by distributing information to anyone with a computer and an internet connection. It’s had a positive effect on the sex industry and saying otherwise is self serving and disingenuous.