Gossip Arrived in my Inbox

Usually, I pass on gossip from unknown sources the I can’t verify. But, this is a fun one from someone who doesn’t like Jessica Star or Sodajerk very much. I’m looking forward to a rich comments section on this one.


As we all knew it would, Jessica’s short retirement has come to an end. As someone who has worked with Miss Starr and unfortunately had the vomit inducing pleasure of servicing Soda, I’d just like to point out a few things. Jessica is truly the shadiest person I’ve ever worked with. She has no problem lying, cheating, and stealing and will go to any lengths to get info. Now we get to the obese Soda Jerk. His m.o, for his appointments are to get the girls as intoxicated as possible, and fish for info. He will constantly try and get you to use his computer to look at something on the board (I did it). What I didn’t know is that he had a keystroke logger program and then had access to my account. I knew he was accessing it when guys pm’d me about being online when I wasn’t. He let this secret slip to one of the ladies and she shared it with several of us. He has also been known to go through a ladies purse once he has her thoroughly intoxicated in order to gain personal info. He then shares this info with anyone he thinks can benefit him. How this guy is still around after he outed a very popular provider to her family a few years ago is beyond me. Jessica goes to great lengths to out people as well. She has an extensive criminal record and her comment to me was “who cares? It’s not like I’m ever going to outrun my past so fuck it”. After I cut ties with her, she falsely accused me of doing drugs and barebacking among other things. Soda had accessed my Facebook page and all of a sudden many of my family and friends began to get messages about my work life. These are two of the worst human beings in the hobby-BE WARNED.

A comment from Jessica Jones

Jess posted this to another blog entry and followed it up with an email to me.  Her comment speaks for itself. TL;DR version: TomZ is up to his old tricks. Whoever trusts Ralphie and him to be responsible board operators is crazy.


First off I would like to say that this comment has nothing to do with the original post, and that this is the one and only comment I will be making on this subject.
I have heard allot of disturbing/humorous things that deal with my leaving.
Yes, I have left the hobby. I have found a good enough reason for me that makes me happy enough to decide that I wanted to retire. At this point I have no plans on coming back. Why didn’t I make a big announcement? Because as I have no plans on coming back at this point, I am not a future teller, I may come back in a month,year, two years or never, and guess what I am ok with that. I have found something that I wanted more than the hobby, with the money and all this fun drama lol. A few people knew that for the past few months this has been in my head, until I felt like I could no longer hobby and keep the other life I wanted for myself. I didn’t really care about the crazy reasons why I was hearing I was gone ( like jail or being arrested at penthouse- which I was dancing days at up until about a week at, or the fact that I shut down ahb.. a board based in a state I have never been and a board I know nothing of the owners or who even owned it further than Bradley) because my life no longer truly involves the hobby. But I decided to make this post after some i found very distrubing news.
It seems at a recent m and g Tomz said to a group of people why I left, where I work and other unture things about my life. He implied at one point he was on my facebook and in ” the know” of what I am doing. I haven’t spoke to Tomz since I left MWTZ and my fb is very private, also where he said I work is untrue, and the reasons why I left. Only one active person knows whats really going on with me and I keep in great contact with. But I was sickened by this, a (now) 28 year old provider decided it was time for her to walk away, I was getting burnt out and stressed and it was time. Yes, I do have a “normal” job, thankfully not where a board owner is announcing to a group of people where I am at. I have not seen a single person in a month, and was slowly pulling things down two months ago. I was not in jail… I was very much around, in the shadows but setting myself up to walk away. Anywho’s what I was really upset about was a board owner that has not spoken to the provider in question in years found it ok to tell a group of people where he thinks she works, whats she’s doing, and whatever ever rumors he has either a. heard or b. made up in his own head. I decided when I left to not make a big fuss about it, as even though I was setting myself up to leave, I didnt have a set date. I wasn’t going to be like oh! come see me now cuz Im leaving on this day. Because no I didn’t want that. I knew I was going be leaving soon but I didn’t know exactly when, then one day I woke up happy. I was happy without the hobby, and thinking of doing anything involved with the hobby made me unhappy, that was the day I left. A board owner should never try to attack a provider who has found something to move on for and wants, because I didn’t make a big drama over my leaving. I tried to do it as quietly as possible and just be gone, that’s what I needed for me, and at the end of the day it is my choice. It was good timing what with happened with AHB but come on , I had nothing to do with that, and from what I read on this board ANOTHER Seattle board went down that I wasn’t even on then they decided to pull out. ( hee hee) I was not arrested at PH, I was dancing there days until last week.. my bday and I didn’t want to pay the money to renew my dancing license because my hours at my new job are greatly increasing. I just feel that when a provider leaves just like when a guy leaves, everyone has their own reasons and none of them are wrong. Instead of a board owner trying to tear a girl down who as far as he knows is not around and has no real idea why she’s gone. Girls are going to come and go, and so are gents… that’s just how this is and I am happy in my new life and I am doing really well. Are there adjustments that I have had to make and relearn how to live a certain way? Yes of course, I became a women in the hobby. Are there things I miss about the hobby, yes there is. I can’t promise how long I’ll be gone or if I’ll ever come back. All I know is I am happy and doing well and board owners should stop trying to tear providers down and try lifting them up and being supportive…. But alas that’s part of the reason I did walk away like I did because of the gossip. But I hope all those who I did truly consider as a friend in this are doing well! And maybe we will run into each other again one day.



Did Adult Hobby Board Owner Use LE Take Down as Excuse to Steal Money?

There’s some interesting speculation that “Bradley,” the former owner of the Adult Hobby Board, made a major solicitation for and received significant donations immediately before abruptly taking his board off line. If true, it’s pretty disappointing  news.

As an infrequent reader of AHB, I had the feeling that the owner of the board was avoiding the shenanigans that have occurred on all of the Michigan boards. From running a for profit, donation model business under the guise that the donations are only funding the cost of operating the board,  to shaking down providers for free or reduced price sex, the Michigan boards have had it all. But, it looked like AHB had avoided that.

Apparently not. Here’s a quote (posted on MiAdultdestination)  from a provider who was a member of a private escort only sub board on AHB:

Posted Yesterday, 05:09 PM

The one thing that seems fishy to me were his pleads to us ladies in the powder room (yes I can say it now!) lol He definitely cleaned up house and accepted a healthy amount of donations days before. When red book was seized by the Feds he wasn’t threatened I call bs cuz trb was a Washington board and Tna is still alive and well. (Washington board) Whatever the reason was he sure was begging for $$$$$ from us ladies with threats of taking the board down.

While this doesn’t specifically accuse Bradley of stealing money, it sure makes it appear that way. It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. On the Internet you never really know who is operating the site you’re posting on. So, “buyer beware.”

We’ll never know the truth. But, history seems to repeat itself on these boards. And, in addition to the allegations above, I’ve also heard the Bradley had threatened to close the board and/or deny access to the private escort only part of his board if donations were not forthcoming from the members.

This all seems a little unseemly to me. I have no objection to a for profit board. But, why hide the fact? Why not just charge the escorts for membership? If they get business from it, they’ll stay. If not, the board will implode. At least you’re not lying to your members and breaking the trust they’ve placed in you.


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Skarlettestarr Changes Name to Blair Wilde

According to a friend of Micomplainers and confirmed on Midwesttimez, one of my personal favorites – Skarletterstarr – has changed her name to Blair Wilde. (EDIT – Now she’s Blair Morningwood – nice to see she has a sense of humor.) Here’s the link to her Preferred411 ad.  After so many years with the truly stupid Skarlettstarr moniker,  its a shame to see that she’s carried her penchant for stupid names with her to the Preferred411 site.

There are a few noteworthy items in her ad. First and foremost, she’s asking for $500 an hour. I can’t believe she’s all that much better than the $200 days when she was working on AES. But, good for her if she can find someone to pay her 500 bucks to fuck her.  She’s one of the more attractive providers still on the Michigan boards.

Of course, if you’re on Midwesttimez she’s available for $300.

Here’s her bio from P411:

Hello gentlemen!

For those of you who don’t know me yet, I’m Skarlettestarr, a passionate, energetic all American girl. I am 5’6″ and 110 lbs with all-natural 32D’s. My bubbly personality will shine through when I greet you at the door.

I’m as comfortable jeans and boots as that sexy short dress. I’m always a true lady in public – do you have the big night out or charity event you at which would like company? But behind closed doors, I will show you the time of your life; I’m confident it will be a romantic and adventurous journey you will never forget.

I am college-educated and love to travel the world – my latest adventure was to Japan!

Let me spice up your day or night with an unmatched experience. You won’t be sorry

Please send a private message for more information – everything you need to know.

Please send at least two references (including specific memory-joggers) and your preferred date and time to set something up.


But hurry to get your $300 “deal,” she’s moving to Chicago – a city that’s quickly becoming an over taxed and dangerous cesspool. Like her Blair Wilde name, that’s another decision she should think twice about. The coasts are where it’s at Skarlette. Look at LA if you want to make a move. Even San Francisco would be a better choice. But Chicago is in decline right now. And, until it’s fixed, it’s not the place for you.






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Adult Hobby Board Closed

Adult Hobby Board, a national message board based in the Seattle , Washington area, abruptly shut down after another local Seattle message board was seized by federal and state law enforcement. You can read the detail HERE along with a great analysis of the facts that were reported in the media.

The bottom line is that running and participating on a message board are protected by the 1st Amendment and, notwithstanding the alleged sex trafficking, law enforcement officials probably don’t have any charges they can actually make stick on the members of the board including those who were part of “The League.”

Of course, not being charged is of little solace if merely being exposed in the media will ruin your reputation. And, that’s what local LE are attempting to do with these arrests. An article HERE quotes the local sheriff as inviting the press to file a FOIA request and to publish the names of all of the members of The Review Board in the the local media.

But, you might be thinking, so what if they publish my name – it’s only a pseudonym. No one really knows me as Dickforpussy but the members of the board. I’ve hidden my real information, used TOR or a VPN, used an anonymous email, and not posted anything that could remotely identify me. I certainly won’t be replying to any emails I receive on my hobby account. In fact, I deleted my hobby account when I found out about the seizure.

If you took all of the aforementioned steps, you’re fine. No one will contact you. And, even if they contact you on your hobby account, it’s highly doubtful they’ll go to the trouble of serving your email provider with a warrant to get your IP address and then going to your ISP with another warrant simply to shame you for being a board member. Of course, you could have prevented even this had you used an encrypted and anonymous email service to sign up for the board, but live and learn.

Unfortunately for members of “The League,” these idiots gave up their driver’s licenses and all of their personal information to the owner of The Review Board so they could become elite buyer’s of sex or whatever they thought they were getting. Read it again. To join the League, members were required to provide a copy of their actual driver’s licenses to the owner of The Review Board. I was shocked that anyone could be so stupid. But, they were.

The local sheriff commented that he’ll be going after other message boards in the area. In light of this, AHB’s decision to close immediately was smart given the risk reward ratio of operating a message board that local law enforcement has its eyes on. I hope the owner has destroyed his data base and disappeared into the abyss. The only issue is whether or not his hosting service keeps copies. If they do, operating or not, the LE can get the data base if they want.

The lesson you can learn from all of this is one I’ve preached over and over. Keep your private information private. Hide your IP address by using TOR or a VPN that doesn’t log IP addresses. Sign up using a encrypted and anonymous email address like Hushmail or tutanota. Don’t post anything that might point to your real identity. Don’t attend meet and greets (in every case both in Michigan and in this Seattle seizure, LE staked out meet and greets, took photos, and wrote down license plate numbers.)

If you want a friend, buy a dog. If you want a social group, then join a club. But, when you decide to pursue sex workers on the Internet, do it alone and do it anonymously.


A Place to Libel Your Enemies

Jay Cross tells it all.
Want to know which girls/guys bbfs ?
Want to know who has herpes/HIV?

Submit tips anonymously.

To access website, email

Someone posted this to the Jay Cross post that I made on this blog some time ago.

Have fun with this. I’m not interested as I think that it will have zero credibility. However, it is enough to drag me back to the boards to see if there’s any entertaining drama.

Jay tells it all! Jay tells it all on her new website.
Find out which providers bare back.
Find out which hobby guys ask for bare back.
Find out who uses drugs.
Find out who has herpes/HIV.
Access =$25.
Be a contributor and get access for $15.

Website will launch Spring 2016. Stay tuned.
Thank you for joining the mailing list.
You can now ANONYMOUSLY tell the hobby truths you’ve always wNted to
share. To share anonymous information, request a phone call, share via
email, or wait until the site is launched.

Thanks again!

Here’s what you get back when you send an email.

The Screenshots of the Outing Threat

I suspect that hobbyists and providers  have lovers quarrels more often than we get to see on the local boards. But, when it happens, it’s interesting (sort of). The particular dispute involves blog favorite – Sunny Jay – and a provider named Lacy Marie. I have no idea what the back story is here.

But, apparently Sunny Jay -who you may recall contributed mightily to the Morgan Veda thread on this blog – is also mad at Lacy Marie – so mad that he made a comical threat to out her anonymously. It’s comical because, if it’s true, he used the same phone number to threaten her as the number he used to flirt with her that same week.

I reached out to Sunny Jay and received the following message:

Sid..the number that is posted on that screen shot can easily be edited to any number. Let me send u some of the screen shot I have revived in my email lately..same exact msg but diff number..tell me how can i forward u those screen shot. You can email me based on my email id I filled in. What these folks are doing is playing real cheap trick…but all it takes is less then one min to make such screen shot with any phone number and name on it.

So, who knows what the truth is? Sunny Jay is right on with everything he’s saying. But, the numbers match and the screen shot of the text message has matching fonts, so it’s a great photo editing job if that’s what it is. I don’t know where the truth lies – probably somewhere in between.

Here are the screen shots:

sunny jay Screenshot_2015-09-28-22-11-43-3


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