Skarlettestarr Changes Name to Blair Wilde

According to a friend of Micomplainers and confirmed on Midwesttimez, one of my personal favorites – Skarletterstarr – has changed her name to Blair Wilde. (EDIT – Now she’s Blair Morningwood – nice to see she has a sense of humor.) Here’s the link to her Preferred411 ad.  After so many years with the truly stupid Skarlettstarr moniker,  its a shame to see that she’s carried her penchant for stupid names with her to the Preferred411 site.

There are a few noteworthy items in her ad. First and foremost, she’s asking for $500 an hour. I can’t believe she’s all that much better than the $200 days when she was working on AES. But, good for her if she can find someone to pay her 500 bucks to fuck her.  She’s one of the more attractive providers still on the Michigan boards.

Of course, if you’re on Midwesttimez she’s available for $300.

Here’s her bio from P411:

Hello gentlemen!

For those of you who don’t know me yet, I’m Skarlettestarr, a passionate, energetic all American girl. I am 5’6″ and 110 lbs with all-natural 32D’s. My bubbly personality will shine through when I greet you at the door.

I’m as comfortable jeans and boots as that sexy short dress. I’m always a true lady in public – do you have the big night out or charity event you at which would like company? But behind closed doors, I will show you the time of your life; I’m confident it will be a romantic and adventurous journey you will never forget.

I am college-educated and love to travel the world – my latest adventure was to Japan!

Let me spice up your day or night with an unmatched experience. You won’t be sorry

Please send a private message for more information – everything you need to know.

Please send at least two references (including specific memory-joggers) and your preferred date and time to set something up.


But hurry to get your $300 “deal,” she’s moving to Chicago – a city that’s quickly becoming an over taxed and dangerous cesspool. Like her Blair Wilde name, that’s another decision she should think twice about. The coasts are where it’s at Skarlette. Look at LA if you want to make a move. Even San Francisco would be a better choice. But Chicago is in decline right now. And, until it’s fixed, it’s not the place for you.






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Adult Hobby Board Closed

Adult Hobby Board, a national message board based in the Seattle , Washington area, abruptly shut down after another local Seattle message board was seized by federal and state law enforcement. You can read the detail HERE along with a great analysis of the facts that were reported in the media.

The bottom line is that running and participating on a message board are protected by the 1st Amendment and, notwithstanding the alleged sex trafficking, law enforcement officials probably don’t have any charges they can actually make stick on the members of the board including those who were part of “The League.”

Of course, not being charged is of little solace if merely being exposed in the media will ruin your reputation. And, that’s what local LE are attempting to do with these arrests. An article HERE quotes the local sheriff as inviting the press to file a FOIA request and to publish the names of all of the members of The Review Board in the the local media.

But, you might be thinking, so what if they publish my name – it’s only a pseudonym. No one really knows me as Dickforpussy but the members of the board. I’ve hidden my real information, used TOR or a VPN, used an anonymous email, and not posted anything that could remotely identify me. I certainly won’t be replying to any emails I receive on my hobby account. In fact, I deleted my hobby account when I found out about the seizure.

If you took all of the aforementioned steps, you’re fine. No one will contact you. And, even if they contact you on your hobby account, it’s highly doubtful they’ll go to the trouble of serving your email provider with a warrant to get your IP address and then going to your ISP with another warrant simply to shame you for being a board member. Of course, you could have prevented even this had you used an encrypted and anonymous email service to sign up for the board, but live and learn.

Unfortunately for members of “The League,” these idiots gave up their driver’s licenses and all of their personal information to the owner of The Review Board so they could become elite buyer’s of sex or whatever they thought they were getting. Read it again. To join the League, members were required to provide a copy of their actual driver’s licenses to the owner of The Review Board. I was shocked that anyone could be so stupid. But, they were.

The local sheriff commented that he’ll be going after other message boards in the area. In light of this, AHB’s decision to close immediately was smart given the risk reward ratio of operating a message board that local law enforcement has its eyes on. I hope the owner has destroyed his data base and disappeared into the abyss. The only issue is whether or not his hosting service keeps copies. If they do, operating or not, the LE can get the data base if they want.

The lesson you can learn from all of this is one I’ve preached over and over. Keep your private information private. Hide your IP address by using TOR or a VPN that doesn’t log IP addresses. Sign up using a encrypted and anonymous email address like Hushmail or tutanota. Don’t post anything that might point to your real identity. Don’t attend meet and greets (in every case both in Michigan and in this Seattle seizure, LE staked out meet and greets, took photos, and wrote down license plate numbers.)

If you want a friend, buy a dog. If you want a social group, then join a club. But, when you decide to pursue sex workers on the Internet, do it alone and do it anonymously.


A Place to Libel Your Enemies

Jay Cross tells it all.
Want to know which girls/guys bbfs ?
Want to know who has herpes/HIV?

Submit tips anonymously.

To access website, email

Someone posted this to the Jay Cross post that I made on this blog some time ago.

Have fun with this. I’m not interested as I think that it will have zero credibility. However, it is enough to drag me back to the boards to see if there’s any entertaining drama.

Jay tells it all! Jay tells it all on her new website.
Find out which providers bare back.
Find out which hobby guys ask for bare back.
Find out who uses drugs.
Find out who has herpes/HIV.
Access =$25.
Be a contributor and get access for $15.

Website will launch Spring 2016. Stay tuned.
Thank you for joining the mailing list.
You can now ANONYMOUSLY tell the hobby truths you’ve always wNted to
share. To share anonymous information, request a phone call, share via
email, or wait until the site is launched.

Thanks again!

Here’s what you get back when you send an email.

The Screenshots of the Outing Threat

I suspect that hobbyists and providers  have lovers quarrels more often than we get to see on the local boards. But, when it happens, it’s interesting (sort of). The particular dispute involves blog favorite – Sunny Jay – and a provider named Lacy Marie. I have no idea what the back story is here.

But, apparently Sunny Jay -who you may recall contributed mightily to the Morgan Veda thread on this blog – is also mad at Lacy Marie – so mad that he made a comical threat to out her anonymously. It’s comical because, if it’s true, he used the same phone number to threaten her as the number he used to flirt with her that same week.

I reached out to Sunny Jay and received the following message:

Sid..the number that is posted on that screen shot can easily be edited to any number. Let me send u some of the screen shot I have revived in my email lately..same exact msg but diff number..tell me how can i forward u those screen shot. You can email me based on my email id I filled in. What these folks are doing is playing real cheap trick…but all it takes is less then one min to make such screen shot with any phone number and name on it.

So, who knows what the truth is? Sunny Jay is right on with everything he’s saying. But, the numbers match and the screen shot of the text message has matching fonts, so it’s a great photo editing job if that’s what it is. I don’t know where the truth lies – probably somewhere in between.

Here are the screen shots:

sunny jay Screenshot_2015-09-28-22-11-43-3


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Private Information Should Stay Private

I’ve been receiving a lot of personal information about different board members lately. It’s information that people shouldn’t have.

Hobbyists need to stop providing so much information during reference checks. Providing a link to your company website that contains your entire biography is unacceptable. So is a Linkedin profile. You know that some providers will share all of this with anyone they’re close to right? Apparently not because you’d be surprised at what I’ve seen. And, if I’ve seen it, be assured that others have too.

For hobbyists I’d suggest the following if you feel that you have anything to lose if your participation in the hobby was known publicly:

1. Use a throwaway email address for all of your communications.
2. Use a disposable phone – a physical phone and separate number and not an IP phone like google voice or another app.
3. Use a fake name during your pillow talk with providers. If your board name is John and your real name is Joe, tell her your name is Frank and stick with it.
4. Don’t share stories about your real life on the board or in person.

5. Avoid attending public gatherings or otherwise meeting fellow board members in person.
These recommendations are the bare minimum and following them will keep someone from sending me your personal information in a comment to this blog or from exposing you somewhere else. I just trashed over 25 comments from the past year that contained various pieces of personal information. And, I have to do this for almost every blog entry.

It’s not just the men either. It seems that some of the women can’t keep their personal information hidden or their mouths shut. For example, providers have been known to leave their driver’s licenses in full view in a room and go to the bathroom leaving the hobbyist full access. The same goes for phones without passwords. And, why would you see someone at your personal residence? If you care at all about your privacy, look at the suggestions above and follow them.

You need a fake real name to tell the clients that you really like so they feel like there is some rapport. You need a fake background and residence. Essentially, you need a fictional back story that will enable you to establish rapport without disclosing *any* personal information about yourself.

You really can’t complain that your information has been leaked if you’re the one doing the leaking. Even the best client will turn on you eventually.

So everyone, male or female, do yourself a favor and protect your personal information. These boards are not a community of friends. They’re an anonymous advertising venue. Find your friends somewhere else where the activity involved isn’t illegal and looked down upon by the majority of society.

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Lovely Morgan Veda Makes Post Supporting LSD Use – Fawners Brag About Past Drug Usage – Hilarity Ensues

Prolific Prostitute Morgan Veda seems to love illegal drugs. First, it’s Weed, now it’s LSD. She’s clearly a cool kid.

And, while I like her lack of a filter – in the past she’s distinguished between sex with people she likes and sex with her “clients” – I can’t help but think that she’s not doing her hooker business credit with these kookish topics.

Here are some of the highlights:

“I have about 5 more hours left in the car with my parents and I’m a little bored. I think we have exhausted the weed debate and I think we all agree to agree- it’s good lol.”

Forget about Weed or LSD. The fact that she’s posting to an escort advertising board from the back seat of the family cruiser while on a family vacation is pretty funny in and of itself. I wonder if she’s on the family cell phone plan  with Dad writing the monthly check? Ah, the life of a sophisticated, upscale call girl.

Here’s Morgan musing about the magic of LSD:

But how about acid? I can’t find anything negative about it… & wowzers the world puts on a helluva beautiful show. I had a long talk with my friend who is a homeopathic doctor last night and I think the only bad thing about it is if you personally can’t handle it and freak out or want to keep doing it. However acid comes with a built in safety net- after you take it one day it stops working the next, so even if you wanted to keep doing it, you would just be wasting it. I’m curious about what everyone else thinks. Especially what the perception of it is for people who haven’t tried it yet. Or to hear any magical/funny acid stories :)

The fawning masses mostly support Morgan’s point of view and they fall all over themselves to establish their “creds” with her by bragging about their past and present drug use. For most of these senior citizens the operative word is “past.” Way in the past.

It’s pretty funny nonetheless. And, it seems like a pretty prostitute can say anything she wants without much push back. However, there are a couple people who point out some downsides. This confuses Morgan, but she recovers nicely.

Hmmm is it possible that acid has gotten better just like weed has? I have to say I’ve never had anything less than a magical, beautiful experience on it. I’m sure the types of trips people have are just as unique as the people themselves. I always considered acid to be organic? I guess not. Hmmm that kind of changes my view of it a little bit. I like mushrooms just as much, so the two are more or less interchangeable for me. I like the breathing and rainbow effects of acid but I also enjoy how mushrooms show me things that literally aren’t actually there. I can’t help but play and experiment with the world a little, it’s just too fun and I think that’s what life is about.
I brought some mushrooms with me to edited by request :) can’t wait to share with my edited by request.
I wish I could have been friends with you guys in the 60’s and 70’s!

Another hooker chimes in about the magic of hallucinogens:

I personally believe that the world is split into those who have taken some type of mind opening substance and have ‘peered beyond the veil of basic reality’- and those who have not. I feel sorry for those who have only witnessed the basic reality.

Morgan agrees, making this final comment:

Funny, my best friend and I were JUST talking about the same thing. I said “can you imagine going your whole life and never taking acid?

I suppose taking acid is easier than reading books. And, unlike taking acid, Morgan CAN probably imagine  going her whole life without reading a book.

While a majority of the fawners predictably agree with everything Ms. Veda has to say, Raphie and Otherguy are there to bring everyone back in line suggesting that it’s not wise to discuss illegal drug use on a board that focuses on the illegal exchange of sex for money. Morgan has an answer for that too.

“It’s fine.”

She researched it on Google.

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Hobbyist Posts Passive Agressive Missive Lamenting Lost Love

Midwesttimez member Taz41 recently posted the following cringe worthy missive:

5 years you see someone, and each appointment is an increasing marathon of texts and manipulation… why the F do some people have no fucking humanity. Why is it so hard to send 1 text canceling or confirming, rather than thousands telling me details and lies about your personal life and schedule?  Why when I start every text, “just let me know if we’re not meeting”… “no, no, no, I just have to do this from 9-10 and then we’ll meet”… and I write back instantly “cool, just let me know”… silence… repeat a dozen times or more.

I don’t ever give a shit if an appointment happens or not for any fucking reason. Have a better offer? Take it. The fucking excuses for sending dozens of texts that we’re meeting, never setting a time, and not being able to say “I’m not available”… Dammit I let myself get burned so hard for thinking someone would value a fucking 5 year monthly 3-5 hour regular that knows some pretty personal shit (and also knows some of the personal shit was lies and manipulation, but never did share that).

I apologize to Samara, mybigticket, and others I’ve not listened to or whiteknighted against. I apologize for losing great regulars to see someone that kicked me in the gut every fucking month for the last year.

Thank you for the chance to vent. I’m very excited to hopefully get to know some of you who don’t dump their world and problems on others. Hi, I’m taz41, and I had been on several boards over the last 13 years, and liked the hobby at one point.

Predictably, the thread is up to several pages with a combination of posts ranging from those hobbyists who would never get taken like Taz41 did giving him the tried and true “love em and leave em” advice, to those who just want to know who the provider was that was able to manipulate  Taz41 and use him as an income source for five years before he finally caught on, to the Pollyanna’s who profess that everything is great and most people are good people.

In this case, it looks like our friend Taz41 is still smitten with the mysterious minx who stole his heart and wallet for five years. Why else would complain on a public message board about his lost love, but not name the culprit?

These stories happen year after year. Even some of the most jaded whoremongers end up falling for providers and regretting it. Remember Horndog?  If everyone took a step back and asked themselves if these providers would still be seeing them if there was no money being exchanged and answered themselves honestly, this type of issue would go away.

Any guesses on who the provider is?

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