Jay Cross Calls Them as She Sees Them

I love it when the dirty laundry gets exposed. This outburst by Jay Cross is pretty tame. She calls it like she sees it – unfiltered. Seems like she’s not too concerned about what TomZ and the crew think about her. I like that too.

The post is from a thread about some St. Patrick’s Day get-together some of the crew from Midwesttimez.com attended. Supposedly, there was more interesting material in the thread but Ralphie1 (aka Joe Blow) got to it before my people could copy it and send it on.

There’s really nothing new in here. But, it’s slightly amusing. Jay, I’d be happy to print the whole story if you’d care to share.

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Re: St. Paddy’s get together
« Reply #43 on: March 21, 2015, 10:34:33 AM »
<flame deleted>
And there were providers bragging about the money they are making, talking about how much they get paid for locking guys dicks up in cock cages, and etc.
Classy affection vs slutty attention are two different things but sorry only the classy get this.
No wonder you thought nothing of your boisterous behavior….
Some of you guys are sick!
Did I touch a nerve?
Well you need a dose of reality every now and then Cuz you are crazy to think your slutty behavior in public should be acceptable amongst people who honor discretion .
FBI could have been at the next table then we all would be under watch just like the 100 people off the board who got interviewed by the FBI from attending a wild ass hobby party.
To each his own but don’t condemn me for voicing my opinion; get a life instead of dissecting every post I write
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A Story About Jessica Star

I received the following comment to one of my earlier blog posts. It’s a very detailed commentary with facts and option about fan favorite Jessica Star. The comment deserves a separate blog entry because it’s interesting reading and you don’t find this type of information anywhere else.

Many thanks to the person who set this.

Hi Sid,

Not really anything to do with this, but was hoping this could be its own post.

I just saw the complaint written about Jessica Star on MiAdultDestination and found it very amusing.

I don’t know if the guys know, but she is moderator in the ladies room. The rest of the moderators obviously don’t want anyone knowing because they removed her name from page listing the moderators (it was there for a short while previously). Zcatgirl is a moderator in the ladies room as well, but she actually deserves that title.

Jessica has acted like a complete scumbag and has shown herself to be a huge safety risk as well. She doesn’t exactly care about building relationships with the other ladies, which you can see in how many duo partners she’s gone through in the last year or so. I speak to a couple of those ladies regularly and they both had multiple stories of her nc/ns’ing duo appointments and clients telling them that Jessica was badmouthing them behind their backs.

I can’t count on two hands the number of ladies I know who have complained to me in the last few months about her not getting back to them about reference checks. It wasn’t surprising to see reference checks be a part of the complaint.

Also why does it seem like all the girls that she doesn’t get along with aren’t allowed in the ladies’ room? So much for being concerned about safety. Instead she acts like a petty bitch and doesn’t give them access to it.

Recently in the ladies room, I saw that Jessica was accusing Storm of being a pimp and taking business away from the board because of the gang bangs he arranges.

I’ve met and talked to two of the younger girls that were introduced to some of the other boards through Storm, and I asked about all the rumors about him being a pimp, and they laughed at that when I told them. I know a lady who is very close with one of them, and nothing like that has ever been mentioned to her, and she’s never been suspicious of that at all.

Jessica recently sent a nasty PM accusing one of those girls of barebacking, which is funny because I’ve had multiple guys who have stories from the past about Jessica trying to bareback them, saying that they didn’t need the condom because it didn’t feel as good.

I was talking to a couple of guys during visits that used to see Jessica regularly but stopped bothering with her bullshit recently because “she is the shittiest communicator I’ve ever had to deal with” and “she nc/ns’s every other appointment and then tries to manipulate you into feeling sorry for her.” Those same guys started seeing the same girl that Jessica attacked, and it looks Jessica is acting like a vindictive little bitch because of that, which is exactly why she shouldn’t be a moderator anywhere on the site, or even on the site at all.

She probably shouldn’t be taking shots at anyone considering her history, moderator or not. I missed the post in the askthedog forum because it was deleted so quickly, but someone copied it and forwarded it to me, and I started laughing while I read it because I’ve been hearing the same things for a while now, and I’m sure a lot of other ladies have as well.

I know two guys that suspected that she stole from them. One was missing money, and another had hundreds of dollars charged to women’s clothing and lingerie stores within a day of an appointment with her. A former duo partner was positive that Jessica was a pill popper, and trust me, if anyone would know it would be her.

I’m hearing that Jessica has been renting out her apartment in Ypsilanti to some of you ladies. Good luck to anyone actually dumb enough to take her up on that offer. That is a shitty idea on so many different levels. You might be running your business the right way, but I sure as hell wouldn’t be counting on her to be too.

It was hilarious to see Squeezie post a warning to stay away from Livionia, and then seeing Jessica bumping it repeatedly as a way to advertise her incall. She doesn’t give a shit about anyone’s safety, not even her own.

Guys wonder why more girls aren’t signing up? I know more a lot of girls that already do well enough but wouldn’t mind being here for an additional advertising venue, but they don’t want to deal with her running the ladies room, and the guy mods having their heads shoved up her ass and taking her side on everything.

A Note From A Provider Supports TomZ – (Kind of)

I received the following comment from a provider who posts on Midwdesttimez.com. She supports TomZ – sort of. Her comment provides a pretty realistic estimation of TomZ’s board. Here it is:

am a provider on Mwt .
I have never seen Tomz delete a thread.
But Joeblow has and Eric had a complaint on him that just seemingly disapeared.The provider that posted it was not suprised either.As she has told me she was threatened by Joeblow and showed me the threat.
The banter on the board has become more than ridiculous.I have never been threatened by Tomz .that does not even sound like something he would do.although I do not personally think he gives a flying shit about the board anymore.He is rarely on the board.
The said provider I mentiined even asked to be removed from the ladies lounge .And I to have thought about doing likewise.she said shes sick and tired of the childish accolades
And girlish highschool clicks that are on there.I have seen them attack like pirhannas.
Its all just very unbecoming the days of Aes &Ev are gone .there is no sense of security and no family anymore.its more everybody for themselves.I am not part of the fat girl gang either.lol

It’s sad to say, but these boards are clearly in a declining stage. Whether it’s the chilling effect of the FBI investigations or the rise of new outlets like Seeking Arrangements or Tinder, the boards have clearly been impacted.

Miadultdestination is having a hard time getting traction even though it seems to be a fair and intelligently run board with respectful moderators and members. Naughty Reviews is solely an advertising venue that installs tracking cookies and allegedly cooperates with LE on a regular basis. And Adulthobbyboard, while amusing, isn’t too helpful for a regular monger intent on finding and fucking escorts in Michigan. As mentioned, it’s a sign of a maturing format and alternatives that are tailored to more specific interest groups. As the the older hobbyists begin to leave the hobby, I expect that the boards will not survive in their current form.

As always, if you have any interesting information on the hobby or on any of the boards, send me an e-mail.

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Tom Terrific Spends Time Monitoring Other Boards

There’s a great thread on MWT where perennial cheapskate, Caveman fights with Jake. In the thread, Jake asks why Tom Z and his band of dummies have deleted entire topics and all of the posts contained in these topics from Midwesttimez.com.

Caveman of course defends his cohort of gimpy, grampys and in the process excoriates Jake. What follows is amusing dimwitted banter.  But, the best part of the entire thread is when Tom Z defends his censorship by pointing to a specific thread  on another board that was deleted by that board’s moderators.

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$350. Will this price point stick?

I’ve seen a few $350 asking prices posted lately and even one at $400. Specifically, Anastasia Kane, Morgan Veda, Jade Prescott, and some other smallish provider who’s indistinguishable from Morgan Veda.

None of the providers who are asking for this much have anything that distinguishes them from the run-of-the-mill providers who are currently posting on the Michigan boards. So, is this a leading indicator of an overall price increase?

Personally, I think it’s a niche market and that the overall market won’t support a $350 price point. Maybe these few providers don’t need to support themselves with hobby income and accordingly they don’t really care about seeing a lot of hobbyists and making consistent income. Any thoughts on this?

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Skarlettestarr Gangbang? (Remember, all publicity is good publicity)

It’s no secret that I love Skarlettestarr. I’ve never seen her in person, but based on her pictures I’d say she’s clearly full boner material.

She’s also quite a business woman. A reader sent me this post from TER:

I was talking with the one and only Skarlettestarr the other day and asked if she would be interested in a few guys at once.  She is!  I’d like to organize a rough gangbang for Skarlettestarr for one of the coming evenings when she is around.  She said the donation would be the same as usual for everyone but I’m pretty sure it would be worth it.  Leave a comment on here if you are interested.  I’m not VIP.

Everybody pays her usual hourly rate. So, it’s a nice way to take 3, 5, 10, or 20 appointments at one time. What’s not to love about Skarlettestarr? She’s got a head for business and she’s attractive. Of course, in addition to wear and tear on the vagina, I’ve heard the smell at a gang bang is horrible. So, get this while you can – it might be the first and only one.

Good luck Skarlettestarr. And, if anyone participates in this, report back!

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Is Tom Z Michigan’s Dave Elms?

By now, years after Dave Elms was deposed from his position as the head of TER, most people know the story of how Elms used his position as the owner of an escort message board to take advantage of providers and exact revenge on his enemies. For those who are unfamiliar with the facts, Tits and Sass has an excellent post about it HERE.

The Elms story sounds eerily familiar to me. Over the past few weeks in the comments of this blog, (and in private e-mails to me over the past year) commenters have told how Tom has attempted to use his position as a board moderator to obtain free or reduced rate services from providers who advertise on his board, control which hobbyists a particular provider can see,  and obtain passwords for different hobbyist accounts on competing boards by pressuring providers on his board to extract information from clients.

in e-mails that I’ve received, a friend of this blog related how Tom Z has attempted to get members  who are supposedly affiliated with LE or private investigation services, to find out exactly who is behind Micomplainers.  Combined with the warning I received by anonymous e-mail that I should “watch out” because Tom has a concealed weapons permit, I wonder if I should rethink my insoucient attitude about the blog and Tom’s threats. I really have laughed it all off.

I asked the following question about the Micas when they paid so much attention to the blog after they were exposed. Why does Tom Z care enough to make threats? His small board serves less than 1000 members and, supposedly (and believably to me) ,the board doesn’t make any money. So why is this kook trying to determine who Ghost of Sid is?

Instead of spending time thinking about what’s written here, Tom Z, Ralphie, and the rest of the inner circle should clean up their acts. If they weren’t so dishonest and opaque there would be nothing to write about.

I hope the new board, Miadultdestination, continues to keep the administrators anonymous. Anonymous to everyone! That way, they won’t run into the same issues that have plagued every other board. We need transparency and fairness on the Michigan boards. And, having anonymous admins who NEVER disclose who they are is good start. And Tom – knock it off.

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