$350. Will this price point stick?

I’ve seen a few $350 asking prices posted lately and even one at $400. Specifically, Anastasia Kane, Morgan Veda, Jade Prescott, and some other smallish provider who’s indistinguishable from Morgan Veda.

None of the providers who are asking for this much have anything that distinguishes them from the run-of-the-mill providers who are currently posting on the Michigan boards. So, is this a leading indicator of an overall price increase?

Personally, I think it’s a niche market and that the overall market won’t support a $350 price point. Maybe these few providers don’t need to support themselves with hobby income and accordingly they don’t really care about seeing a lot of hobbyists and making consistent income. Any thoughts on this?

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Skarlettestarr Gangbang? (Remember, all publicity is good publicity)

It’s no secret that I love Skarlettestarr. I’ve never seen her in person, but based on her pictures I’d say she’s clearly full boner material.

She’s also quite a business woman. A reader sent me this post from TER:

I was talking with the one and only Skarlettestarr the other day and asked if she would be interested in a few guys at once.  She is!  I’d like to organize a rough gangbang for Skarlettestarr for one of the coming evenings when she is around.  She said the donation would be the same as usual for everyone but I’m pretty sure it would be worth it.  Leave a comment on here if you are interested.  I’m not VIP.

Everybody pays her usual hourly rate. So, it’s a nice way to take 3, 5, 10, or 20 appointments at one time. What’s not to love about Skarlettestarr? She’s got a head for business and she’s attractive. Of course, in addition to wear and tear on the vagina, I’ve heard the smell at a gang bang is horrible. So, get this while you can – it might be the first and only one.

Good luck Skarlettestarr. And, if anyone participates in this, report back!

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Is Tom Z Michigan’s Dave Elms?

By now, years after Dave Elms was deposed from his position as the head of TER, most people know the story of how Elms used his position as the owner of an escort message board to take advantage of providers and exact revenge on his enemies. For those who are unfamiliar with the facts, Tits and Sass has an excellent post about it HERE.

The Elms story sounds eerily familiar to me. Over the past few weeks in the comments of this blog, (and in private e-mails to me over the past year) commenters have told how Tom has attempted to use his position as a board moderator to obtain free or reduced rate services from providers who advertise on his board, control which hobbyists a particular provider can see,  and obtain passwords for different hobbyist accounts on competing boards by pressuring providers on his board to extract information from clients.

in e-mails that I’ve received, a friend of this blog related how Tom Z has attempted to get members  who are supposedly affiliated with LE or private investigation services, to find out exactly who is behind Micomplainers.  Combined with the warning I received by anonymous e-mail that I should “watch out” because Tom has a concealed weapons permit, I wonder if I should rethink my insoucient attitude about the blog and Tom’s threats. I really have laughed it all off.

I asked the following question about the Micas when they paid so much attention to the blog after they were exposed. Why does Tom Z care enough to make threats? His small board serves less than 1000 members and, supposedly (and believably to me) ,the board doesn’t make any money. So why is this kook trying to determine who Ghost of Sid is?

Instead of spending time thinking about what’s written here, Tom Z, Ralphie, and the rest of the inner circle should clean up their acts. If they weren’t so dishonest and opaque there would be nothing to write about.

I hope the new board, Miadultdestination, continues to keep the administrators anonymous. Anonymous to everyone! That way, they won’t run into the same issues that have plagued every other board. We need transparency and fairness on the Michigan boards. And, having anonymous admins who NEVER disclose who they are is good start. And Tom – knock it off.

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TomZ Issues Warning to Providers

I’ve heard from three different providers that TomZ, the owner of Midwesttimez, has warned providers that if they post on “other boards” they’ll be personally disappointing him. This sounds like a threat to me. And, take a look at this COMMENT to my blog that several people have said was made by the elusive Mr. Z. The commentator tries to scare people off without any facts.

MiAdultDestination has already stated that they’re not trying to compete with Tom’s board. They’re trying to attract those that have been excluded by Midwesttimez – ( which has a very limited membership). If some of the seasoned hobbyists find the new board appealing so what? Why does TomZ care so much? It seems to me that another board will actually help him by keeping his board exclusive.

I say we need an open membership board if the hobby is going to continue  in the same manner as it has in the past. And, if this new board is the one, then TomZ should be encouraging people to post on it instead of fighting it.

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New Michigan Board Started www.miadultdestination.com

With the nincompoops who run Midwesttmez.com banning anyone with an opinion that’s different than there’s, it’s refreshing to know that there is a new board in Michigan – Miadultdestination.com.

You can check it out HERE. I’ve looked around and there are many recognizable screen names from previous Michigan boards. Like MIdwesttimez.com, the board administrators don’t identify themselves. But, they’re taking a different approach than Midwesttimez.com. Here’s their welcome message:

Welcome to MiAdultdestination – a destination for your adult pursuits.

We’re not looking to be a replacement for what you’re currently doing – just another option.

How we’re different from the others is that we’re going to be an inclusive member driven site, not ego driven. The administrators here aren’t looking to drive this or feed egos. In fact you’ll likely won’t see many posts from us. We’re just looking to provide infrastructure so information can be exchanged so informed decisions can be made. We’re open to suggestions. If they make sense and can be implemented we’ll do it. If it doesn’t make sense or isn’t fair to all parties, we won’t.

Common sense will be the rule and generally it will be lightly moderated. Don’t be a troll, don’t be a thief or take advantage of people. Try to help and don’t ridicule the newbs. If you’re a db or a problem you’ll be shown the door. Above all play fair.

We’re going to have a light hand on the wheel. We will try to help sort things out when the inevitable problems arise – but ultimately you are responsible for your own actions and situations you put yourself into.

This is a refreshing change from the last two Michigan boards. They’ve also mentioned that they won’t sponsor parties, although members can do this, and they’ve registered the board outside the US.  So, is it safe? I’d say it’s at least as safe as TomZ’s board Midwesttimez.com. And, judging only from what the moderators have written so far, they seem to have thought things through and it appears that they’re determined not to make the same mistakes that Midwesttimez and MIcompanions made.

As always, proceed with caution. But, hopefully this will be an inclusive and transparent alternative to what’s available today. My only is wish is that they do not build private and exclusive areas. These have  a chilling effect on open and candid discussion and transparency. An alternative would be a totally separate board which required a separate log in.

This includes any “provider only” areas which should be run as separate boards by the women themselves. Otherwise who’s to say that these Admins will be any different than TomZ and Ralphie1 who reportedly read the women’s only area of Midwesttmez and report back to the “He Man Woman Haters Club.”

I hope miadultdestination thrives as an inclusive and transparent board. Contrary to what we’ve seen over the past year, there are thoughtful and intelligent people in the hobby who are capable of running a fair and unbiased site. The problem is, it’s become a public service as opposed to a money making opportunity and that’s a tough sell to most busy people.

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Why Are Providers Saying Midwesttimez.com is Not For Them?

This post is only rumor and  speculation. I don’t have any solid evidence that Midwesttimez is any less popular than it ever was – I only have anecdotal evidence.

For the past several weeks, I’ve heard both anonymously and from actual providers – five different providers to be exact – that they can’t make any money on Midwesttimez.com. The hobbyists aren’t booking appointments, the hobbyists book appointments but don’t show up and,  the hobbyists are trying to squeeze bargain basement deals or steal time from them.

Anyone who has read the boards for very long knows that almost all full time providers bitch about these things. So, what’s different this time? Maybe nothing. But, I did see that TomZ’s former main squeeze Jessica Star has announced that she will no longer post on Midwesttimez.com although she plans to remain in the hobby in the same capacity as always – she just won’t be available on Midwesttimez.com. Two other providers have told me the same thing in private.

So, what going on behind the scenes at Midwesttimez.com

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Another Provider Accused of Bilking Hobbyist

I received an e-mail from someone with a warning that Haven Leigh, a provider who posts on Midwesttimez.com has a track record of getting close to clients and then convincing them to empty their bank accounts for her. Sadly, this is a common occurrence on the the Michigan boards.

But, I’d assign as much blame to the hobbyists who voluntarily empty their bank accounts for these preying prostitutes. Tom Z is a perfect example of how hobbyists get too involved with providers and then mistakenly assume there’s more to the relationship than simply an exchange of money for sex.

It happens all the time but rarely gets reported. Thanks to the person who sent me this. Maybe some others will see themselves and take corrective action.

Hello Sid,
I wanted to send this over to you and remain anonymous please. Thanks for a place to post that doesn’t get a person banned for telling the truth.

I wish I had this warning before I got taken for a ride so please know that this is serious. Haven Leigh is nothing short of a gold digger. She will fuck you over, take your money and try to force you to close your hobby account and live happily ever after with her. All the while she is still fucking for money. It’s all bullshit. I know of a few guys that this has happened to. If it were just me, I’d chalk it up to a bad experience and let it go but now that I know there are others I refuse to stay quiet. I want others to be warned. When things turn sour or don’t go her way she will threaten to out you, cuss you out, scream at you, show up at your place unannounced, etc.

I have talked to a couple of reputable girls and they let me know that she confided in them that she barebacks a couple of her clients as well. Thank goodness I dodged that bullet but I sure would be getting tested If you are one of those guys.
She has not resurfaced that I know of since her last victim but in case she gets desperate for that mortgage payment or something: be warned.
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