Do you think that it can’t happen again?

There was one post on about the FBI’s seizure of in the Silicon Valley. That post had 10 entries and the hobbyist response was a decided “meh.” Brainy member “Cavie” even linked from to the site that now carries the following message:


This domain name has been seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), as the result of a joint investigation by the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service.

This domain name is subject to both civil and criminal forfeiture. This seizure is based on probable cause to believe that this domain name was involved in money laundering derived from racketeering based on prostitution in violation of state and federal law.

Property, including domain names, involved in violating Title 18, United States Code, Section 1957, is subject to civil and criminal forfeiture to the United States pursuant to Title 18, United States Code, Section 981(a)(1)(A) and Section 982(a)(1).

To report information about a crime to the FBI, please call 1-800-CALL-FBI.

The blithe indifference to this is remarkable since only two years ago the FBI, after months and maybe years of surveillance of the owners and members of all of the local Michigan boards, raided those same boards, took all of the  member information including IP addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. This information is now in the hands of the FBI. Moreover, the warrant showed that the FBI had monitored the personal e-mail accounts of the board owners in order to build its case. How certain any any member be that their e-mail isn’t being monitored?

And what about the indications that FBI agents spied on board members and followed them to hotels where appointments were taking place? Do people think this won’t happen again? The funding is in place for these investigations. I’ve been told that the FBI had infiltrated MiCompanions in the same way that it had operated on Escort Vault and AESource. Is immune from this simply because you need an “invite” to join? I doubt it.

TomZ, Ralphie, and the rest of the crew had better be looking over their shoulders. But, my guess is they’re not.

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Marisa Madison Watch

Marisa’s back. And, as regular readers know, I love Marisa Madison.

  • She holds the hobbyists in complete disdain.
  • She cannot post even a schedule without an arrogant tone.
  • She works the boards like a pro only returning when she’s bled her latest mark dry.
  • She has really strong opinions and she’s a loose cannon (unfortunately she doesn’t engage on the open boards too much anymore).
  • She speaks in the high rising terminal (Valley Girl) dialect combined with vocal fry.

The best part about Marisa Madison is how the servile hobbyists chase after her to win approval and be one of “Marisa’s special guys,” even in light of her complete and utter disregard for them. It’s always amusing to read the reviews  and complaints. I really hope she’s back for a while and that she engages the hobbyists.

As Marisa’s friend Skarlette says, “any publicity is good publicity.” So, feel free to share your Marisa stories here.




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An Interesting comment about worthy of its own blog entry

The following was posted to one of the blog entries. It’s really interesting reading so thanks to the person who posted it. Since you’re completely anonymous, think about sharing the provider comments about TomZ. People would enjoy reading it.


I am new enough to the Michigan hobby landscape that I didn’t have any idea about the history or strange relationships that have built up here. But after reading this blog for a few months, I couldn’t help myself and had to ask around about this stuff because I am a member of Midwest Timez. Apparently ralphie is the owner of the board, which I think would give most people pause about being members because he was a part of the AES “brain trust” that were beyond idiotic in terms of safety. They brought Tomz on board because he was willing to use the same screen name as a moderator (as opposed to hiding behind pseudonyms like they do) and he is readily willing to put himself at risk by organizing the parties. There were a few more posts bringing up Tomz’s clinginess on Adulthobbyboard, and after a lot of PMs, it seems that he went a little overboard with Juliebaby and Vasara (and a few other ladies who I couldn’t match with more than one source). And at least some of the female moderators at MWT (zcatgirl and cocosbutter) are also aware of his boundary-crossing, which frankly is creepy because they always treat him as a friend on the board and at parties. But apparently there is some friction between Tomz and the other moderators because he refuses to ban Caveman for shorting providers because Caveman knows his real name, and Caveman has threatened to out him on multiple occasions. Also, apparently, Soda Jerk thinks that Tomz threatened to out him sometime last year, and multiple people speculated that Tomz was the one who threatened to out Therapyman because he was jealous of his relationship with Angelina. I don’t know you Tomz, but the people above aren’t lying about the girls that see you not keeping quiet about their appointments with you. I was speaking with a girl that is friends with Jessica Star and was told that Jessica told her that she has Tomz wrapped around her finger and had some amusing things to say about him that I will not post here out of a little bit of respect. It has become more and more apparent that that board is a shitty boys club full of old and pathetic men with no hope at a social or real sex life. It really is sad to see so many grown men falling over themselves to grovel to and make sexual advances at women who I would never even approach at a bar or club, let alone pay to sleep with. If you are a regular schvitz-goer, you get a men’s room to post in, but otherwise, the board is full of idiotic posts. All this was after messaging some people for a couple of days. Honesty it was surprising that people were so willing to share information, and from board interactions (mostly all the sucking up to Tomz), the things that they had to say were surprising. This doesn’t need to be said, but you shouldn’t give any of these people any little bit of personal information. From all this correspondence, all I’ve learned is that most of these people are either way too naive for their own good or two-faced snakes.

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Is this the next sucker to turn over his net worth to a provider?

Someone sent me this review of Angelenaxoxo written by Mensa member Semisecretidentity on I’ve chatted with Angelena over the years and I’ve always liked her. But, this guy seems destined to turn over a lot of money to her based on what’s he’s written. Another smitten john:



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Re: AngelinaXOX
« Reply #1 on: Today at 08:31:08 AM »

Dream #2 – Longer, sweeter, better.  The initial stunned feeling has faded, but is replaced by a longer lived infatuation.  Reality is creeping in but still, it is a fairly nice reality.  Thank you again Angelina.  Until we “honeymoon” again sweetheart.

If I had followed the standard advice on when to give up on an inquiry with a lady, I would have never had this appointment.  From a duo attempt that was not to be and a few unreturned emails and personal messages, I persisted because I knew she is not a normal provider.  She has many returning friends AND she was going through abnormal times in her life.  She has posted her apologies more than once in the 4 months of my diligent but respectful pursuit.  I persisted with the same message.  I’ll go away easy, but I would rather meet.  We finally did meet, and I have NO REGRETS.

AngelinaXOX is a sweetheart.  We had made some connections along the way through more than one of her many provocative posts, and I caught a quick kiss at one of the parties.  But when we finally met in private the communication was easy, the exploration seemed mutually satisfying, and I had one of the more sensual experiences of my life.  This was not an athletic event, which I also like very much, but this was…a sensual envelopment.  This was so very welcoming and just plain right.  She is not the best kisser I have ever met, but I asked her if she had been kissing my ATF, who is.  (You two MUST get together.)  I found out she had stayed a little over, so I pulled out (first time ever) an envelope I had set aside for “overtime.”  The lights went out and back on 4 times or more due to storms, (or whatever, who cared?)  but we never really left each other’s arms.  Then she stayed over a little again.  (YMMV!)

I always write nice reviews for the ladies because I really do enjoy so many facets of the company of women.  I have never really had that in my past.  I try to find the positive in every situation.  I did not have to try to find anything nice to say with Angelina, I just had to find the way to say how it felt.  I may sound overly star struck, but my intentions are totally honorable within the framework of the hobby.  I just want to “honeymoon” with this lady again, very soon and very often.

Thank you, AngelinaXOX.  YOU WERE MY DREAM DATE!;u=116

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Is there a new private Mens area on

I’ve heard things are back to normal on The elderly lifetime hobbyists are slowly being let back into a private bored [sic] but they are so concerned with leaks that only the truly trustworthy are being added. True or not? I don’t know. It’s just what I’ve heard and the actions they’ve taken to modify how the board functions support this.

For example, since TommyZ and Ralphie have eliminated the “who’s on line feature” it’s hard to do any reverse engineering to figure out exactly who they’ve let back in and who is not to be trusted. I hear that they’re being very slow and deliberate about who they add so I’ll wait until there are sufficient numbers on the members roster to post anything here. Let me know what you hear and if you see anything good send it to me and I’ll post it here.

In the meantime, I’ve been provided with links to a number of new providers who’ve been added to the board. The only thing remarkable about this flurry of activity is that these providers are, without exception, utterly average looking – continuing the downward spiral of the Michigan boards.

Here’s the only high point I’ve seen:





Provider Advocates Reviews of Hobbyists

Someone made me aware of an amusing (sort of) discussion on where a provider named Lola asked about having a section where the providers can review the hobbyists. She’s new so I’m guessing she doesn’t have access to the provider only section where they do discuss the hobbyists, saying things like “stinks” “cheap,” “talks too much,” “takes too long to finish,” or always smells like coffee.

But, there were few interesting comments. The always whining Celestia Dior chimed in to argue with Ralphie,(or was it Joe blow since both make an appearance in the same thread and both are the person behind the Ralphie name). She’s in college so she’s really, really, smart and you can tell from her posts:

Celestia Dior:
Well, think about it the opposite way. I personally hate hearing vivid reviews, which is why I don’t allow them. “Reviewing” gentlemen is a great way for ladies to learn any likes/dislikes/kinks without the awkward “do u like licking asshole?” messages.”
Yea, when I think about it the opposite way, I suppose when the lady starts paying the gentleman a review would be in order. “
Celestia Dior:
This /is/ a board about sharing information, am I wrong? I’m just saying it would be helpful for some. “
This is a Escort Review Board when Ladies Start Paying Men for there Time and Companionship then we might think about letting Ladies Review The Guys!”
Celestia Dior:
Of course. Because we unsuspecting providers shouldn’t be allowed to be informed if our next client has a 10 inch wang. Great.

Sure, yeah. We don’t need any information on the gents we see other then references. Information that MAY be vital to our purchases of condoms, ect.
It isn’t about being compensated for your time. It’s about how to make providers better at what we do and provide a more personalized experience.

But, I’m just talking out of the fat on my ass.”


The Brain Trust.

Every few years, a naive hobbyist suggests that the providers should review the hobbyists. These guys are usually looking for affirmation of their cocksmenship and don’t understand that they’re paying a prostitute to have sex with them and that their cockmenship is irrelevant. Usually, they’re shot down by the old, obstreperous, lifers who know that having their sagging physiques and weak boners called out on the open board would be contrary to the on screen images they’ve been cultivating in their posts.

Having providers suggest this means either that many of them aren’t given access to the the private, “providers only” area of the board or that these new providers are just a naive as the hobbyists who want provider reviews. Either way, it’s funny.

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Ralphie Talks Tough – (What’s The Real Story?) moderator Joe Blow (aka Ralphie) scolded his members in a post that has a lot of subtext. I’d love to know the entire story but here’s the post along with some interesting comments from the person who sent it to me. (Ralphie is such a tool.)

oeblow: I was talking to some guys last night that were mildly upset that JessicaStar felt best to not attend the party due to the actions of a hobbyist that were viewed by her to be harassing, maybe bullying.
She simply took the non confrontational route which is hard to argue but her actions did get others to thinking and talking about the issue.

MWT has always been a lightly moderated board and we pretty well let things seek its own level. It has come to our attention (thanks guys) that sometimes some intervention is needed to help move that level along some. We are going to take your advice.

We all (most all of us) are here to have fun. However, there are a few that have their own agenda, they follow the rules on the surface but you find out later they really don’t. Just a lot of lip service.

 This is notice to those that don’t understand how to play the game here the way it is supposed to be played. Your time here is going to be short. We are not going to put up with the harassing of a lady, bullying, shorting, or threatening that surfaces from time to time.

We as moderation seldom use the ban button except for board or member safety. I guess after chatting with some of the gentleman there are some safety issues for some, with some of the guys .

So here is the deal. Guys, if you are pulling some stunts that you wouldn’t want posted open board or have your fellow hobbyist/provider find out about, you had better stop it. Like I said, your time here will be short. You can and will be banned.

Ladies, time to step up and take control of things some. If there are actions, pm’s, emails, calls that you find offensive, post them in the appropriate areas. If you find something particularly offensive, report them to the mod team. Enough reports on any one member we might just lower the member count by one.

It is time to put the fun back in to our little corner of the underworld here that we play in.

Carry on, nice party BTW.

Jessica Star: Thank You JoeBlow , yes they’re were other issues that prevented me from feeling comfortable making this party….Had make my own party I guess. As much as I love meeting everyone and supporting MWT ,I will not be bullied into seeing someone I’d rather not see or going to party to be confronted by said person.Hopefully all of you that were looking forward to seeing me can understand this.
I thought this was interesting to read. . . . and it has really seemed like the moderators take the stance that whatever Jessica says goes, so I was surprised that this guy was allowed to go the the party, in turn precluding her from going. I and a few other gentlemen on the board think she has just worked up a sob story to try to curry favor after not so flattering remarks about her were made on your blog. Apparently, the shoplifting tidbit had some legs.
Thanks for maintaining the blog. I don’t have any issues personally with these moderators, but you do have to wonder why so many people are willing to badmouth them.
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